Remmber that call we had on president street a few months ago, yes on president and troy, with the basment full of girls… remmber what you said?

Well the way you forced yourself on those girls, talking with your hands all over them trying to get close. I cant imagin what your wife would say… But i remmber what you said, what she doesnt know cant hurt her, right?

Im glad to see you have become the new face of shmira. thank gd crown hieghts is now safe! Such a man of strong morals!



  1. john doe Says:

    this guy looks like a terrorist, is he affiliated with osama ben laden?

  2. Anonymous Says: Says:

    how did shmira take this pedofile in ?

    he left israel becouse of pedophilia and more.

    who would know that years later we see him in shmira ?

    now skoblo , stern , but this pedofile to be accepted ?

  3. CH Says:

    This web site is sick. Do you want his wife to know the TRUTH about him and get a divorce?

    Why are we letting the cat watch over the milk?
    It seems if you call shmira you might end up being a victim twice.

  4. enough slander Says:

    first there were Egyptians, enslaving us, embittering our lives. Then came the Babylonians decimating most our tribes. Not long after that came the romans finishing off what little of our prestige and glory still remained. Suddenly we became vagabonds, a pestilences among the other nations. from Spain to Russia our plight had no boundaries , following us like a shadow we could never shake off. then our infamous holocaust, it was truly almost goodbye for good. but we survived only to encounter our worst nemesis yet. each other.
    our slander our jealousy our ego’s. this web site ( and any other like it) is worse then a hundred gas chambers- and all those involved as murderous as
    the most vicious hamas terrorist. your are worse off to the jewish nation then any other enemy we have yet to face.

  5. anon Says:

    what a sicko

  6. simple lady Says:

    who is the men that married this ugly satan ?

    a women will never go next to ugly pigs like that

  7. to this fucken site Says:

    who ever put this up wha will wife say u fuck stop fucken around with peoples lives and i happon to know this guy hes not like that

  8. XOXO Says:

    what a baby the gilrs where his age and its not his fualt he cheats on his wife it the bad people that teach him these ways he learns from the best… we have to MECHNECH him not make him feel like shit

  9. You need an English teacher... Says:

    Not “Your married.”

    Correctly it is “You’re married”

    You are writing a contraction for “you are.” That would be “you’re.”

    The word “Your” means you own something.

  10. Crazy Bitch Says:

    yo kozo, you have a seriuse history of mental illness in your family, huh?

    rememmber your father, may his memory be blessed, who committed suicide while driving your little sister to school killing them both?

    now you come to crown heights to stir up trouble? why dont you take your wife and move to argentina or somthing? all your doing is showing how crazy you are and your hurting your family.

    next thing pictures of you going to that chazzer resturant with yossi stern will start showing up on this sick website… why do you need this???

    what will your wife devorie say when she hears this?

  11. Anonymous Says: Says:

    this kozo is truble from birth .

    was born without brain and seriusley sick mind .

    now hes the face of shmira mesirs .

    even chazer stern should be a shame to have this sick basterd with his

    criminal organizations.

  12. To: enough slander Says: Says:

    You are right.
    this got out of hand!
    This si worse then the gas chambers.

    To “crazy Bitch”
    You are a crazy bitch, and i hope you will never have to be in his shoes.
    His father did not commit suicide, i was with the CSI on the location of the accident.

  13. kozo kozo Says:

    his family moved away from crown heights becouse the medical bills were to high for this kozo mental status.

    his father could not pay the bills and the family ren away and than came the suicide.

    and soon will be this pigs suicide just watch ,

    this pig is worse than stern .

  14. Shabsy Says:

    you sick twisted mamzer- get out of crown heights you trouble maker. stay away from the chazzer belly stern

    it is disgusting that a shmira member who supposedly represents the community used foul language in a new york post article. and he said “when the shit hits the fan people call shmira”

    I think when the shit hits the fan then shmira members lie a masser community memebers and they would do anything to save their asses and bury their enemie.

    what a shame

    shmira and prager and chazzer belly stern must be brought to justice by any means neccesery

  15. rachmuna letzland! Says:

    im reaaly shocked that you would post a comment like that regardless if its true or not his father killed him self. how low can you get i feel so bad for your soul i really do becase remember g-d watches over yesomim

  16. Levi Says:

    it would be nice if yossi stern commited suicide

  17. to rachmuna letzland Says:

    g-d did not create in this world so much hate as this “yusom” has.

    and his father was not a saint either.

    this kozo is a hate munger worst than all of shmira mesira together.

    but the tora said KOL MUM RA . every person that has a mum he is evil natzi.

    this kozo is a pedofile and evil natzi.

    g-d did not create him or hitler. satan did.

  18. rachmuna letzland! Says:

    to the idiot that had the time to respond to my comment with such stupidity calling jews natzis the point is you are a goy somewere down the line look in to it becase if you had just an once of brains in your head and new what the jews went thrue you would not call any jew a natzi and wait just in the next few weeks when g-d strikes you remember the reson for it …………….

  19. shmira Says:

    who ever made this site! only god should forgive you!

  20. john doe Says:

    this kozo is just another edp who recently aquired a camera and chases hazolah and shomrim around taking pictures even in private homes without permission from patints or victims he goes onto rooftops porches of peoples homes using the excuse that hes part of the emergency DO NOT LET THIS SICKO IN YOUR HOME OR LET HIM THROUGH YOUR HOME imagine its your family member in distress do you want this sicko snapping their picture?

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