WIS is not going anywhere any time soon

We did it! Almost Three Hundred thousand views to W.I.S! I would have believed it myself only that I made that number up and everything we posted here is a lie, despite the fact that we have had over 200,000 readers, and still counting

Ask yourself this, how many times did you read something here and run to call someone to tell them what you read? Well each of those contributed to this monumental success. In this spirit I call a battle cry of “ONWARDS!!” the new load of the crap Shmira and Co.  has been doing to this community while we slumber awaits posting!

Hers a little history about W.I.S:

Our very first story was about CHAIM HERTZEL getting arrested for getting in polices way.

Then we starting letting everyone know that shmiras goal was only money and nothing else, again, and again, and again.

But the real kicker was when we exposed what had really split Shomrim, the story of the safe Rogatsky stole in Canada. But this is all false and made up, right? Even the Canadian newspapers were in on it, right?

Not even a month in we already hit 5,500 visitors!

Then Shmira went and did one of the most stupid of things yet [that is second after going to war with Shomrim] 4 of their units [members] beat up ANDREW CHARLES and a friend of his, Charles happening to be the son of a cop in the 70th precinct. Then NEWS12 caught wind of the story and reported it, followed by another newspaper, and another, and another, and another, and another

But the best came when Gov. Spitzer [not to ‘chas veshalom’ be confused with Spritzer] had sex with a call girl and a reader e-mailed us a picture with the whole gang of criminals smiling alongside each other.

Hmmm…. then we have them begging for more money…


Oh! We mustn’t forget the story of how shmira gang raped BARRY SUGER!

And the poor board-soul who left so many comments, so much wasted time, all for what? OUR AMUSEMENT!

Paul Huebner walking out of a police station at 1:30am, the next day police release the photo of Yitzy Shuchat as a prime suspect in the Andrew Charles beating case…

But they didn’t feel it was enough so they went and threatened a Hatzolah member.

Shmira claims it will lay down its arms if shomrim disbands. Why are they so focused on just that? Did we all forget the elephant in the room?

Sub-prime mortgages was a really sad thing for this country, but before all that Sam Cohen a.k.a. Dovid Rogatsky, read about his mortgage fraud we uncovered.

Stern and Garry the child rapist Sanders… Joint Patrols.

MENACHEM KOZLOVSKY having extramarital sex… with teens…

But what was really sad was how fast shmira hung Yitzy Shuchat out to dry…. while they all became Cappos and mini-pigs. Anybody know whatever happened to that COP program.

propaganda blows up in shmiras face.

Shmria beats the shit out of mishechistim. Who really gives a hoot about them?

When the entire community scream for cameras, shmira answered the call and raised $17,000. It all vanished.

Shmira highlights the difference between themselves and Shomrim… with a vinyl sign.

Them, Dovi Best tried to bribe a cop, got locked up, and adding further insult to injure, Paul Huebner swooped in and robbed him for another few thousand for his hack legal representation!

We finally said what everybody is thinking but to  intimidated to say about the Mishichistim Mosrim (Here, Here, Here, Here and Here).

Then we exposed how the shmira mesira together with the help of COLLIVE, mosered a member of our community who was trying to do the right thing and help another.

There was also that story where a shmira mesira member tried to convince a victim of an attack not to file a report.

The list goes on and on. This site will be here for a long time, go ahead take a stroll down memory lane.

And then we have the now famous Shomrim Six Mesira. No need for me to add any link, it’s just a few post down and it’s ain’t over yet.

You Ain’t Seen nothing yet!



3 Responses to “ALMOST 300,000 WHAT A MAGICAL NUMBER – ONWARDS!!!”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Mazol Tov!!!
    May you go from strenght to strenght.

    I must applaud WIS for cleaning up a bit over time with language and all.
    I see since WIS started many have followed, some came and went and WIS is still here.

    keep bring us the truth and expose those S.O.Bs.

  2. time traveler Says:

    dude, you blow these jerks back a hundred years.

    good job
    keep it up

  3. ad mosai Says:

    may the reshoyim perish

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