So They Claim They Are Volunteering.


Yossi 'chazzer belly' Stern together with the convicted rapist Gary Sanders

Yossi ‘chazzer belly’ Stern together with the convicted rapist Gary Sanders

I’ll be praying for OUR lost soul!

No, most people don’t know what is happening and they are criticizing. Have you ever thought that all you hear and all that they tell may be lies created to hide something or things?

These things (the criminal acts mentioned on this site) incriminate those individuals! what do they do to look all Innocent? they recruit as many people to side with them and sympathies for them, and get others to do their holy work and to make phone calls to members of the shchona; to the police; to the government; to the DA and to the Media to get more help and attention to entice and blame everything on everyone but themselves (we didn’t do anything all we want to do is help our beloved community) Yes, that is why you created a organization after the CH already had one for years and years (6 years after CH shmira changed its name to CH Shomrim), but no all we want to do patrol and mind our own business we don’t go around taking money to buy Cars, Radios, Jackets, Flashlight, Bottles of Mace and 2 x 4s NO we would never because we are here to help WE ARE VOLUNTEERS who VOLUNTEER OUR TIME (VOLUNTEER ’s that take over 50 grand a year from the crown heights community).

DID I NOT SEE YOU GUYS ADVERTISING about 6 months ago that Shmira HIRES security guard for Lefferts Park – extended hours? so I guess this guy was on duty at the extended hours OF THE NIGHT what happens after that or during the day when people are actually at the park IS HE OFF DUTY at that time? Can I ask you is he also part of your 100 VOLUNTEERS? I have never considered someone that takes money a volunteer, volunteer for pay it just doesn’t make sense to me. If you get paid it’s a job and when the job is over you are OFF DUTY.

People are saying MOSSRIM MOSSRIM!!! HEY, Okunovon kid admitted that he massered, if you ask that low life Paul Hubner he will give you a reason why it was the right thing to do, no he did not ask his local Rabbi for the Halochic Psak before going to the police and filling out a report, hey, you don’t have to believe me go to the precinct and demand it (but I’m sure there are ways to get our hands on it like from the people he MASSERED on I’M sure some of them or at least one will be willing to mail it in for me to post on this site for all to see the proof and truth that you so desire.

Remember every report is filled filed and mailed to the person it is against so if you want the truth you can dig for it.



7 Responses to “So They Claim They Are Volunteering.”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Two days after Stern had a photo of him and the convicted rapist Gary Sanders in the Jewish press and an article were stern talks about a joint patrol this Gary guy rapped some one.

    Are you ready to get raped by yossi stern? If you are vote shmira, vote joint patrol!

    more about this so called “joint patrol” coming up.

  2. There you go again.... Says:

    “Rapped?” like knocked or banged in the head? No, I imagine you do not mean that. You mean to say “Raped” don’t you? If you want to accuse someone of something spell it right so people know what the accusation is.

    This website is riddled with mistakes. People can not even understand what points you are trying to get across.

  3. whoreS hoT-LINE THATS SHMIRA Says:

    you pay them to F__k YOU…!!!.
    SO WHAT DID YOU expect,, a BJ?

  4. CHER Says:

    “Rape is about power…victimizing others is often not about physical strength but about the will and desire to have power and dominate and/or manipulate others…”

  5. Vigilantes In Crown Heights Says:

  6. XOXO Says:

    to the point

  7. Tom Dansh Says:

    so where is the money really going too?

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