EXCLUSIVE: 33 Second Preview Of Yanky Prager shmira/Cop coordinator cursing out NYPD


33 Seconds out of 14 minutes

Only a few short months ago…
Yanky Prager Shmira/cop coordinator cursing out NYPD and threating to report them to IAB. At one point he and his loonies try to set up a trap on a NYPD officer.
This is just a small preview of whats yet to come. 33 seconds out of 14 minutes.

Yanky Prager:
(Yiddish) “Er Vayst Az Du Bist fun Shhmire?”
(English) “Does he know your from shmira?” 


8 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: 33 Second Preview Of Yanky Prager shmira/Cop coordinator cursing out NYPD”

  1. OMG Says:

    Check this out!
    Hours after WIS post this audio, Jihad.info remembers -two days later- to post this story.
    Coincidence? I think not.
    Could be why the story is so poorly written.
    Look how they are posing for picture.

    Nowhere in the story does it say that the shmira mesira had to hold the guy down, yet here we are looking at pictures of it.

    Notice the pose they have.
    Notice the other guy just standing around. Had there really been a need to hold the guy down (for he is after all a Violent person), then whomever was there would have to help out.

    Notice, how our “heroes” have their eyes somewhere else and not on the violent guy they are “holding down”.

    If your going to make up a story make sure your pictures (that go along), make sense.

    Also, if shmira has a 100 members, should there not have been at-least 30 at this call?

    Clearly, Prager and that other kid, struck a pose for the camera.

  2. OMG Says:

    Also notice…

    “In case of Emergency call 911 and Shmira/CHSP 24 hours a day 7 days a week @718”

    What happened to shmira/COP, is that party over already?

  3. Dov Says:

    This looks interesting
    can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

    BTW for those who don’t know,
    Translating what Prager said in Yiddish…

    Prager: “does he know your from the shmira?”

  4. john doe Says:

    Now that’s what I call gang assault…. someone call david and david weiss and stiengard, if they still have their jobs… Anyway i’m sure the guys taxpayers paid lawyer would love to see those pics of prager assaulting his client…..

  5. james Says:

    whats PAYTZADIK?

  6. 1bigwiner Says:

    where is the rest, why you not posting?

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