shmira & mesichistim hand in hand.


From CHI (Posted on – 10/10/05)

Yesterday [Sunday] a group of messianic’s wanted to practice their ritual of the staged “Rebbe dollars” in front of the Rebbe’s room, but didn’t succeed. The whole place went violent in seconds, a few older people from 770 tried peacefully to end it before it started, but they were just shoved out of 770 by a group of 30, and they went on to trying to give out the dollars.

But then our hero’s “Shmira” came to the rescue. Shmira is known for their violent and aggressive approach to everything. Came in and tried to “break up” the confrontation, but immediately became the victims of a beating on behalf of this group, when shmira completely lost control they started spraying teargas [a.k.a. MACE] in a vain attempt to regain control.

So when Shmira finished fighting with the “dollar people” they still wanted blood, so they turned their wrath on a photographer, demanding his camera all the while threatening him physically and holding onto him trying to get at his camera. Their justification for this was that they didn’t want any pictures taken. In the end the photographer got away unharmed.

Just a point of notice there was a video of what went on inside 770 and we are working to get that footage, and there was a COL photographer inside all the while and he was generous enough to share his pictures with us, for your viewing pleasure.

These are pictuers of the fight inside. Photos: COL (follow link)

I can only imagine the peace meeting they must have had.

Shmira: We have come to realize that there is no need for use to fight; we both have the same goals. We both like to fight (in the same manner, many against one), terrorize and threaten; we both like full control; we both like using [the same tool of] propaganda and most importantly we can work together to Masser on other Jews 


14 Responses to “shmira & mesichistim hand in hand.”

  1. Yossi Stern Says:

    You forgot,
    We (shmira/Meshichistim) don’t give a Rat’s a*s about the community.
    We both don’t have any leadership.
    We both Pretend to be somthing we are not.
    We eat the same chazzer (in fact you are dripping from your mouth as we speak).

  2. joe Says:

    1]from the pics i dont see any shmira people so please do some zooming 2] say there were shimra people there this story happend more then 3 years ago and looks not even a drop as bad as the 749 fight

  3. stern is a loser Says:

    i hope sterns house on union street gets cockroaches

  4. Hmm Says:

    Come up with something a bit younger, please.

  5. Shmira fan Says:

    Now i like SHMIRA even more!

  6. moshiach Says:

    I will not come until yossi stern moves out of crown heights


    Find something a few years younger please. It’s amazing how Shomrim twists stories around so badly. And btw, Shomrim also has their fair share of Messira, on Shmira members no less!And this is confirmed fact.


    Look, patrol work attracts people who are quick to react and love action, and the flip side is that people of that kind of character are sometimes hot tempered and prone to overreaction. It is time to get rid of any hotheads in Shmira or Shomrim who are not doing their jobs, who are creating friction in the community, or are using their patrol status for ummm…Mafia like activities. Then, it is time to set up a unified force, one that will not only keep the shchuna safe but will also stand up to the police when they don’t do their job (while the askonim like R’Shea Hecht deal with the problem via political means, we can have all bases covered with a more direct group that shows the Vegas that we won’t take their inaction anymore).

    Also, the people we have representing us at the precinct council are not particularly articulate or impressive (in simple English, they’re shlimazels), and we don’t have enough turnout. This has to change too – Anash have to show up behamonei am instead of just a few people coming out.

    Blogs like this are fun to read if you’re a fan of the old Ponim Chadashos. They’re also divisive, untrue or exaggerated, and prove nothing.

    And in the meantime, schvartzers act with impunity in CH because they know we won’t do squat – we’re afraid of the cops and so divided it is ridiculous.

  9. ok Says:

    YOU LOSERS (G2@SHMIRA.COM): Why not start a blog so we can share the stuff Shomrim dose, thy think thy can get away with there shit cause Shmira has no-1 posting it, i wont be shocked to here yossi stern went to jail for no reason cause shmira hooked it up, but most people wont know cause we dont got fuckers like you posting it for loshon hora for the world to see.

    Dont be scared to post it. You want to post bad things (Most half not true) why not we do the same, but we will tell the truth

  10. smart Says:

    y ar you stageing to be yossi stern you dumb ass piece of shit and the one who wrote this article the last parograph we see who you realy are and who ware those people who started the fight it was the shomrim of corse you mother fucker

  11. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    “How could they have done this? How could they rip the ‘Yechi’ that the Rebbe saw with his very eyes? Are you normal? This is the Rebbe! You ripped the Rebbe!”
    The following is an article that was written on in Hebrew, I am not a professional translator, I did my best.

    When I entered 770 hours after the Kinnus Hashlochim, I felt hurt. But only a little.

    I saw many groups of Shluchim Farbragening, with a glimmer of light on their face,
    Shluchim of old with Shluchim of young, in a corner of 770 under the porch were the Rebbe sat, I also saw a group of young Bochorim, which their whole purpose was to disturb the people Farbragening. With Screams, loud singing, banging on tables and benches, using any tools (that were available or made available) to make a disturbance.
    This bothered, this was disturbing, and therefore it broke my heart.

    But I must admit that I felt only a little hurt. First of all because must of the people Farbragening were not paying attention to them. Second, and this is the true reason, we (unfortunately) got used to it.

    We got used to, the different in opinions between use, we got used to the disturbances and violence, we got used to the Chutzpa of these young “sheep” agents Our Rabbonim, Mashpeyim and elder Chassidim, and we got used to them undermining, ruining, and destroying anything that does not fit with there understandings.

    We were so used to this, that only when the uproar started,
    Did I ask a friend that learns in 770, does this happen every day?

    What was happening now was defiantly threatening, because such violence I have never seen and could not believe that Bochorim from A Chabad Yeshiva are capable of such violence.

    With out getting in to details of how things came this way, because many have seen this for them self’s, and those that haven’t, will (or by now have) read about the events on this Rosh Chodesh Kislov in other medias.

    After the violence and being thrown out of 770 (Bais Chayenu) I joined a group of Bochorim that were standing out side. I saw a Bocher (who was involved in the violence) crying, he was putting blame to a Bocher standing near him, and this is how it sounded:

    “How could they have done this? How could they rip the ‘Yechi’ that the Rebbe saw with his very eyes? Are you normal? This is the Rebbe! You ripped the Rebbe! We are all with out The Rebbe, we must commit suicide for the Rebbe, and we must wear explosive belts for the Rebbe! How can they rip the Rebbe?”
    I was shocked; Standing near me was a Shilach from Eretz Israel who seemingly was also in sock. A great fear passed throw me, I thought to my self until today I was sure that we are talking about a few Bochorim that are just missing in there ideologue, just that they are full of young energy and vigor. I thought always in my heart, that with time this actions/believes/ideologue will die down.

    But at that moment, when I saw this Bocher crying over the one that “ripped the Rebbe”, then I became pale/shocked/horrified. I was horrified to think, how we really just talking about a ideologue, Maybe we are dealing here with something that can’t be broken, and more so (Aderabe) it will only intensify more and more, just like unfortunately, the ideologue of those enemy’s outside (Chabad) are intensifying no matter how much effort we put to work things out.

    This feeling really penetrated my heart when I entered Bais Chayenu 770 a few hours latter to Davven Shachoris. The Shul looked awful/terrible/horrible; it was in such a condition that you had no feeling to enter (a sick feeling).

    As I was warped in my prayers, I over heard a conversation between two Bochorim. One said to his friend, Baroch Hashem, “we received an encouraging answer from the Rebbe (Probably from the Igros), and now every thing is alright. This thing shocked me; I asked the Bocher if he can come closer to me, and I ask him explain (the meaning to his conversation).

    He told me, after there “defense” last night a few Bochorim thought to them self’s “maybe we did not act properly” so they decided to write to the Rebbe. The letter they entered in Likoti Sichos, and when they opened the Safe, they discovered a Sicho were the Rebbe speaks about going to war on Misirash Nefesh for a Mitzva (Milchmech Mitva al Miserash Nefesh), and that our generation has trials that other generations before use have not had etc…

    “Do you understand”, explains the Bocher, “this is what the Rebbe says clearly, this is a trial, but it’s up to use to fight it until Misirash Nefesh”…
    Now I could not be silent, I felt that here are sitting a few young guys, which definitely believe with there full faith, that it is upon them to fight until “Meshirash Nefesh” because this is” what the Rebbe told them!”, to fight with who? Anash and Chabad Chassidim!?
    This is not exactly the place I want to bring the whole conversation I had with that Bocher, however there are two central points that I heard from him.

    The first conclusion that I came to was, We are talking about a group of people that think that they are receiving “direct answers from the Rebbe”, They interpret according to there own opinion/thought, and do what ever they want (were ever they are to gain), because they are the believers in what the Rebbe wants. (They believe that is what the Rebbe wants).

    Second, When asked why the Bochorim do what they want (with out asking), The Bocher answers “since in the end of the day, the Bochorim are the ones that maintain 770… The Bochorim Maintain the Tiffelos (prayers) and many more things.

    Now Shmira works hand in hand with a group of looneis that seek only to do use harm,
    What does that make them?

  12. Who are the mossrim? Says:

    למלשינים אל תהי תקוה
    ואלו הם המוסרים

    אנשי השמירה/מסירה
    Paul Huebnerפאול הובנר
    A washed out lawyer. Took this case because he thinks there’s a lot of money in it for him. Ripped off an old man (tricked him in signing papers).

    Yossi Stern – יוסי שטרןGanev, criminal records, cheater, eats Chazer with a Brocha, found a new scam (how to steal money) called “Shmira”.

    Yanky Prager – יענקי פריגרLow life, Scammer, involved in shady illegal activity.

    Leib Skoblo – לייב סקאבלוConvicted raciest, wife beater and is Leib Skoblo

    תלמידי המוסרים – צפתים

    Moshe Gurevich – משה גורביץ
    Israel Tzikvashville – ישראל צ’יקושוילי
    Schneur Rotem – שניאור רוטם
    Moshe Gurfunkel – משה גורפינקל***
    Yaakov Shatz – יעקב שץ
    Zalman Brownstein – זלמן ברונשטיין

    The shmira car which is meant to protect the members of our community was used to transfer a bunch of punks, bullies and terrorist that don’t even live her, work here, have families here to do a mishira on people that give their body and soul to make sure you can have a good night sleep.
    Who would we rather have?

    תעקר ותשבר ותמגר ותכניע במהרה בימנו

    *** coming up: who is this Gurfunke? how many years has he been “learning” in 770? Why was he (and some of the other moshrim) in 749 that night? why is it that he can beat who ever he wants and shmira helps him get away with it [the Vail story]? ALL THIS AND MORE COMING UP.

  13. antimeshira Says:

    3. Moab became terrified of the people, for they were numerous, and Moab became disgusted because of the children of Israel.

    4. Moab said to the elders of Midian, “Now this assembly will eat up everything around us, as the ox eats up the greens of the field. Balak the son of Zippor was king of Moab at that time.

    4. to the elders of Midian. But did they not always hate each other, as it says, “who defeated Midian in the field of Moab” (Gen. 36:35), when Midian came against Moab in battle? However, because of their mutual fear of Israel they made peace with each other. And what did Moab see to take counsel with Midian? Since they saw that Israel was supernaturally victorious [in their battles], they said, “The leader of these [people] was raised in Midian. Let us ask them what his character is.” They told them, “His strength is solely in his mouth.” They said,“We too will come against them with a man whose strength is in his mouth.” – [Mid. Tanchuma Balak 3, Num. Rabbah 20:4]

  14. gorfinkal??? Says:

    Is that not gorfinkal in the second picture???
    How long has he been in CH for?

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