DA Hynes, You got it right on! G-d bless you!


An article appeared earlier today in the ‘The Jewish Week’ by Adam Dickter in which our double standard district attorney Charles Hynes called the notoruise Shmira gang what they are:

Likening a chasidic patrol group to the violent Crips and Bloods street gangs, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes has taken the rare step of ordering a grand jury to investigate the April 14 beating of an African-American man in Crown Heights, an incident in which he says members of the shmira patrol group may be involved.

The Bloods and the Crips, wow I must say… ABOUT FREAKIN TIME! That is exactly what they are! Starting with their leaders, down to each and every one of theirs members, all of whom are guilty by association, there are no innocent ones. Fornicating with filth winds you up smelling like it.

Here is another quoteable quote from the article:

Hynes drew a distinction between the Shmira group, whose members he described as “renegades,” and the “established” and “respectable” Shomrim Patrol, which works in coordination with the police, and whose members Hynes said he has honored at community events.

Shmira was the original name chosen by Jewish volunteers when they began patrolling Crown Heights 40 years ago, but the group later changed its name to Shomrim to align itself with other patrols with that name. In a dispute over leadership about 10 years ago, some members broke away and reverted to the original Shmira Patrol.

Stern said his group began with some 20 members and now has “hundreds.” He disputed Hynes’ assertion that Shmira does not work in coordination with police.

Yossi Stern, we know your sick in the head, but to go and openly appose the DA, wow… you are so far off your reservation, SEEK HELP.

Hynes At War Against ‘Renegade’ Crown Hts. Patrol

Brooklyn DA says chasidic members are ‘stonewalling’ assault investigation; some say case overshadows attacks on Jews.

A grand jury will determine if Shmira patrol group is “circling the wagons,” says DA Hynes.

by Adam Dickter
Assistant Managing Editor

Likening a chasidic patrol group to the violent Crips and Bloods street gangs, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes has taken the rare step of ordering a grand jury to investigate the April 14 beating of an African-American man in Crown Heights, an incident in which he says members of the patrol group may be involved.
“There is an identifiable group that knows what happened to that kid and they are stonewalling it,” said Hynes of the investigation into the attack on Andrew Charles, 20, who said he was sprayed with mace and struck by two individuals described by witnesses as chasidic men. “I’m just not going to allow that.”

He hopes the grand jury will issue subpoenas requiring suspects in the case to testify under oath.

At the same time, Jewish activists in the community are claiming a disproportionate response to the crime while a series of recent attacks on Jews remain unsolved.

Charles is the son of a detective in a nearby precinct, leading some in the community to speculate that the case has therefore received  greater  attention  from authorities.

“There were two incidents involving Jews during Passover” in which racial epithets were used against the victims, said Barry Sugar of the Jewish Leadership Council, an ad hoc group formed in response to recent crimes involving Jewish victims in the neighborhood.

“Neither of those situations got anything close to the coverage or police interest that the son of a cop got,” Sugar continued. “We’re not sure if it’s because he was the son of a cop or because the alleged perpetrator is an Orthodox Jew and the alleged victim is African American.”

Jewish community leaders said they could not remember the last time a grand jury was convened to investigate such a case. A grand jury’s role is generally to decide whether to bring charges after an arrest.

“I don’t know why they don’t do it when there are so many incidents involving people seriously injured by other groups,” said Tzvi Lang,  chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council. “Since this incident there have been five or 10 attacks” against Jews, he said.

Hynes alleges that the men who attacked Charles on Empire Boulevard at first stared him down, then attacked him with mace. When Charles ran, one of the attackers made a phone call to other assailants, who then appeared in a sport-utility vehicle. One of them got out of the vehicle and struck Charles with a club or bat, according to Hynes.

The GMC Envoy, whose license plate was given to police by witnesses, was registered to Menachem Ezagui, who police said was a member of the Shmira patrol. Ezagui later came to the 71st Precinct in Crown Heights with a lawyer but did not cooperate with the investigation, although he was released after being placed in a lineup and not identified by the victim, according to press reports.

Police later forcibly entered the apartment of Ezagui’s brother, Aaron, when he refused to open the door around 2 a.m. He was questioned but released without charges.

The Ezaguis have reportedly filed a case with the Civilian Complaint Review Board regarding the arrest and entry into their home. The police who entered the apartment reportedly said they were checking for a hostage, which would allow them to enter without a warrant.

Hynes said he was not familiar with the arrest because no charges were brought against the man.

In a phone interview with The Jewish Week, Hynes said the investigative grand jury is a tactic he has employed only four times in his long career, most notably during the 1986 Howard Beach trial, which brought him prominence as special prosecutor and paved the way for his later election to the Kings County DA’s office.

“I have been out there [in Crown Heights] many times, and I told Sugar that if people will step forward and tell us about their involvement, lots of things can happen that do not necessarily lead to a prison sentence,” said Hynes.

“But if I have to find out on my own who did this, all bets are off. If this was a frum kid and it was a gang circling the wagons I would do exactly the same thing. … You can’t have a group, whether it’s the Bloods, Crips or Shmira acting like vigilantes. I’m not going to allow this kid to be humiliated the way he was.”

The Bloods and Crips are violent urban street gangs that originated in South Central Los Angeles in the late 1960s and early ‘70s.

Hynes drew a distinction between the Shmira group, whose members he described as “renegades,” and the “established” and “respectable” Shomrim Patrol, which works in coordination with the police, and whose members Hynes said he has honored at community events.

Shmira director Yossie Stern responded that it was “reckless for politicians or community leaders to name names and point fingers at people or organizations, blaming them for an incident that allegedly happened on the streets of Crown Heights without having the facts.”

He added that this may cause  “anger, hysteria and acts of revenge by one community onto another.”

Stern would not comment directly on the incident because of the open investigation.

Shmira was the original name chosen by Jewish volunteers when they began patrolling Crown Heights 40 years ago, but the group later changed its name to Shomrim to align itself with other patrols with that name. In a dispute over leadership about 10 years ago, some members broke away and reverted to the original Shmira Patrol.

Stern said his group began with some 20 members and now has “hundreds.” He disputed Hynes’ assertion that Shmira does not work in coordination with police.

“The proof is in all the arrests we have made,” he said. “We go on between 25-30 calls a week.”

Lang, of the Crown Heights JCC, described the two groups as “rival patrols” but said they “all do a good job. It could be that one group has a better relationship with the police. We wish they’d work together.”

A founder of Shmira, Rabbi Israel Shemtov, said he was not familiar with the details in this incident or the people involved. Of the two patrols, he said he often joked that he would like to “lock you both in one room until you straighten it out and come out as one unit.”

A police source said the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force was investigating the Charles attack, but has not yet determined if race was a factor in the confrontation. Hynes, in the interview, declined to say if he believed racial epithets had been used during the attack.

Hynes said he had met with Charles and his family to discuss the case because he was asked to do so by the man’s family, but had not met with Jewish victims in several violent incidents because “no one asked me to.” He said he was willing to do so.

In an open letter last November, the Jewish Leadership Council cited three incidents from last summer, and early fall that remain unsolved.

In the first, on July 8, Moshe Kozlovsky was attacked and knocked unconscious by a man who demanded money before the attack and allegedly shouted epithets, including “I’m going to complete what Hitler started.”

A suspect was arrested but not charged in that case.

On Aug. 22, Yechiel Rappoport was attacked and robbed by two men on bicycles, who knocked out five teeth with a metal object. No arrests were made.

And on Sept. 23 and again on Sept. 27, objects were thrown from a roof onto the home of the Davis family on Empire Boulevard, causing damage but no injuries. No arrests were made, although some youths were apprehended by the police.

In all three cases the level of police response and follow-up was faulted by the victims, said Sugar.

Crown Heights City Councilwoman Letitia James said she had communicated her view as a lawyer to Hynes that the Charles incident was not a bias crime but an assault.

“I am asking my constituents in the Jewish community and the black community to please come forward and cooperate with the investigation and if possible identify the person responsible.” James added that she suspected the culprits were afraid to cooperate with the police because of the possible bias crime charge. Convictions on such charges carry enhanced penalties. “I am willing to walk this person into the precinct and advocate on their behalf and make sure their rights are protected,” James said.


22 Responses to “DA Hynes, You got it right on! G-d bless you!”

  1. A Jew Says:

    Your a lowlife narcissist who thinks that all the B.S you write is for the greater good of the community. that your “protecting” the Community. get a life! go do some good in the world don’t make it a worse place for all of us!

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    jew, you are a moron, why do you think that this has to do with the embetterment of the community?

    while that would be the desired resolution, the end of shmira.

    and who says what i write is b.s.? look i even have a ‘double standard’ d.a. agreeing with me! along with everyone but yourself.

    one last thing, do you even know what a narcissist is??

  3. 770 Says:

    mr Hynes is starting to sound like sharpton and we people from ch know that bad

  4. Elchonon Hellinger Says:

    I live ion chevron amongst 200,000 arabs, I am also heavily armed so I got nothing to fear from posting my name.

    Firstly, when you attack jew over not knowing what “narcissist” is. You actually spelled opposed as apposed…

    Secondly, calling people “moron” does not earn you any respect or brownie points.

    Your sinas chinam is openly paraded here, I sincerely hope you do not call yourself a chosid of the Rebbe.

    Oh, And shomrim are a punch of worthless bum’s in my opinion neither they nor shmira have yet to PREVENT crime.

  5. A Jew Says:

    Listen, i don’t need to open a dictionary to start explaining to everyone of your readers to make sense of what i say. also a double standard has nothing to do with the what the DA said, a double standard is when YOU write or say something that does not apply to ALL.
    What i mean is if you think that you are so great then what about all the things that SHOMRIM do that are “questionable” should i go and make a website that splashes pictures of you, your family and associates b/c i think it is for the greater good? get a a grip! you are only defining the true nature of a “narcissist”, he who only thinks of himself!
    If we truly are a nation of one then lets act like one, enough of this! grab all your friends set a date, meet with the “other” side and make peace, it cant be more difficult then it is here in israel. if it really is that difficult then i am willing to be a mediator i did not grow up in crown heights so i don’t know people or names, what i do know is that every time i am there i have to deal with friends of both sides throwing mud at each other, everybody thinking that my ego has no place for the other. its my way or the highway. i would love to see you “men come to israel and try the same shit, you would last a minute, b/c people here are not impressed by which kind of SUV you drive or the clothes you wear, all they care about is Tachlis. so when you and Shomrim go at each others throats do you think anybody really cares but YOU!

  6. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    elchonon, isn’t it your brother yosef that is currently in the hole for 5 grand on trumped up assault charges from what shmira did on that very same corner?

    yes yes yes! i remember, he even got kicked out of yeshiva over it!

    so comon lets together defend shmira and knock my spelling!

  7. shtickdrek Says:

    wow yayy WHOISSHMIRA yet again proving every ones point do you actually listen to yourself once instead of answer like a normal person does you just drag someone else through the mud great job i got hand to you. you are a real piece of work

  8. Elchonon Hellinger Says:

    Firstly yes that was yosef, and yes he did get screwd “supposedly” by shmira, I was not there and I dont know what happened.. I definitely am not going to start threatening to put bullets in people’s head’s or break their knees.

    Secondly, while I will not deny that there are immature members of shmira, and they may even be lowlifes, I dont believe this is the correct way to deal with it.. Certainly not the chabbad way..

    I dont pretend to be a chasid, I dont pretend to speak for the rebbe or any one but myself.

    I dont know how spilling out lashon haarah will help my brother.. as very much inclined as I am to break the bones of those involved, I dont see what it would accomplish.

    I do know that my father would be VERY much against what you are doing.

    I fail to see how attacking others will cause any good, why you are the self imposed correct one, and who is supposed to be deciding whats right.

  9. Elchonon Hellinger Says:

    Oh and I was extremely pissed when I heard about it… I will tell you what my experience is when people try to delegitimatize “fringe sectors”

    I and about 100+ others moved into the abandoned dekalim hotel in Gush Katif, we legaly moved in mind you.. Baruch Marzel and Nadia Meitar leased the place from the owners. We named it Maoz Hayam.

    We are talking about a HUGE compound! It had over 150 rooms, a HUGE labyrinth basement with fortified bomb shelters etc..

    My guess was that we could have put 500 in the rooms and another 500 in basement / converted lobby etc..

    Now, the gush katif council screamd “extremists” blah blah blah as most were from Yitzhar, Chevron and Maon all known to be extremist settlements.

    They refused to hook us up to the electricity, I will not outline what living in the summer in the desert with no power was like but it wasent fun even when we got a generator.

    The result ? Instead of 1,000+ or even 500 it was just a rag tag group of 100 that was removed by 2,000 commando’s and cops.

    Now, after the expulsion, former Gush Katif spokesman Eran Stenberg came out saying he was wrong to have opposed us..

    It was and is my opinion that had we fully occupied the hotel complex we could have prevented the expulsion by occupying deserted houses along the strip connecting the hotel to shirat hayam.

    The lesson is, that sometimes those you may not agree with, it works against you to attack.

    I have always pointed to the arabs as masters of the double sided tool… they in turn learnt this art from the IRA / sin fein…

    Abbas claims to be moderate.. but he wields the threat of violence very wisely.. he’ll say the al aqsa martyrs brigade is “the millitiant arm” etc..

    And the way this should be used is the way beryl sugar is using it.. to point out a double standard in treatment of jews and blacks.

    We should be rallying saying “hey maybe 2 jewish guys did in fact attack a black kid.. and as regretful as that is.. WHY ARE ALL CASES OF JEWS BEING ATTACKED BLATANTLY IGNORED!”

    Instead, you work both against yourself and the other jews in crown heights.

  10. Elchonon Hellinger Says:

    Cats got your tongue ? I had the balls to post my real name (and many arent happy) I want to hear a coherent reply in defense of your smear campaign.

    And just so you know, most people in eretz yisrael think this fighting is pathetic… nonetheless.. all agree that a smear campaign against fellow jews is wrong and uncalled for. Both yechi and anti.. those that wish to break the knees of black thugs and those that wish to make peace are very much against this site.

    Come back when you have a haskama of ANY legit rav…

  11. anonymous Says:

    Okay Boys Boys cut it out! I’m in a state of shock with the immaturity of all these comments! You sound like a group of evil, Jew hating people. May Hashem Bless you all with all the help you need! AMEN

  12. anonymous Says:

    This site will definately end the already rediculous amount of sinas chinam and bring Moshiach. The next case I want to see in the news is that this site was shut down, whether what’s published here is true or not. One thing forsure is that the information here is COMPLETELY IRREVELENT TO THE IMPROVAL AND GOOD HEALTH OF ANYONE’S LIVES! WHY IN THE WORLD IS SOMEONE DIGGING UP OTHER PEOPLE’S GARBAGE AND EVEN BOTHERING TO WASTE HIS TIME, LIFE AND ENERGY PUBLISHING IT. All i can figure is that this person is a very angry, bitter person with an extremely low self esteem and lots to cover up for himself, and the only way to sort of make himself feel like a person is by making the rest of the world look like animals. May G-d bless you and this horrible galus of hate, pain and confusion end NOW!

  13. Anonymous Says:


  14. get a life Says:

    seriously whoisshmira get a life do u realy think this site is going to help the imature fight that goes on between shmira and shorim??

    we all know the reason for the fighting.

    u see shmira is basicaly ran by a bunch of 20-25 year olds and shomrim is ran by guys even youger( by ran i mean the guys doing the patrols ect. not neceserily the guys in charge) and as a result of that instead of using there manpower and resources to double the security of CH theybicker and fight as would be expected of some gang of 20 yr. olds

    they fight over the stupidest things:

    who answers the calls,

    which side of the tzfati/770 fight do we take ect. ect.

    i know this because i have friends that are in both orgnizations and though i would say the majority of the members have pure intentions there are those guys that just get a kick out of fighting the same way as lets say a 6th grade bully

    what needs to be done is for the community to come together and to some how join the two orgnizations together to effectivly combat crime in CH

    but one thing is for sure this site is sure as hell not doing crap to help matters its just worsning

    so WHO IS SHMIRA if you had the least bit sence you would close down this site down now!

  15. Sinas Chinum Says:

    yes i have never saw such Sinas Chinum since I read this website, close this website

  16. john doe Says:

    i once walked into 770 and saw a porno mag lying around, so im sitting thinking, who will pick it up and read it;? as time passes people are noticing the magazine, some people see the cover and instantly say oy vey, and quickly walk away, other say hey theres a porno mag in 770 i have to check it out, i mean whats a porno doing in 770? so they pick it up and read it, all you writing the comments, which ones are you? a pig swims in shit because he likes it. WE ARE THROWING SHIT ON YOU PIGS

  17. to whois Says:

    thanks for helping the shechona this is what we need

  18. CH Says:

    “Right or wrong, you’re passionate. You care.” If that doesn’t sum up current liberal attitudes in the face of facts, I don’t know what does. Caring means more to them than actually knowing the difference between something that’s false and something that’s true.

  19. CH Says:

    I’ve come to realize over the years that the liberals (or Mishichisim) or in this case the Shmira members writing there self Righteous comments relay so much on people being stupid. Always giving misinformation, saying lies as if they are facts of life. If you g-d forbid proofs them wrong (as this web site is doing) they will accuse you of purveying hatred, bigotry and of being stupid, small minded this is a common tactic etc… (Instructive lesson in bully-boy tactics). They will say anything* but address the issue. When the going gets thought they all of a sudden become a “seeker of peace”.

    * example:
    “Sinas Chinum”
    “hahvas yisrael”
    “Shalom” Etc.. (at least they know a few Jewish word).

    I wonder if the same people that are preaching here are the same people that spew there hate on sites like Jihad.Info and D.H.
    Why is it that when they write there hatful comments (May I add on a daily basis) we don’t find any “peace loving comments”? Why is there a double standard?

    Must importantly, Once I realized that Jihad.Info and D.H. were one sided; hateful; and biased (let’s not forget full of leis); I made it a point of not visiting those sides EVER.
    I will never ever be caught checking out there site, I have no interest in what they have to say, its propaganda and a big waist of time.
    So my question is to all those “peace loving” “This site sucks” “this site is full of Sinash Chenom” “this site is full of lies” “this is stopping Moshiach” you know all that Mumbo Jumbo. WHY IS IT THAT YOU KEEP COMING BACK???

  20. ben Says:

    i actually am not a meshichist in fact a come from a “geshe” a”anti” family but you gotta admit both sides are a bunch of losers….(in terms of their fghting not the actuall shmira which most attemt to do a good job)

    but ill agree with you chabad.info is a load of crap

  21. ben Says:

    to jon doe:

    and after everyone left you grabbed the magazine and ran home….lol

  22. Mendy W. Says:

    the inmates are running the asylum.

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