Mosrim And Mishichistim Not Jewish


Our Sages had no need to list informers, epicursim, and apostates among those who are not acceptable as witnesses. For they listed only the wicked among the Jewish people. These rebellious deserters of the faith are inferior to the gentiles. Gentiles need not be saved from a pit, but neither should they be pushed into one the pious among them will receive a share in the world to come. These deserters of the faith should be pushed into a pit and should not be saved from one; they will not receive a portion in the world to come.(Rambam: Edut Chapter 11 -Halacha 10)

It is a mitzva to publicize the names and addresses of Jewish mosrim and their supporters, in order for Jews to know from whom to stay away. Whoever knows of a moser that hasn’t repented, it is forbidden to assist him in any way until he repents. Whether there is any repentance for a moser is another question.

We do not conduct mourning rites for all those who deviate from the path of the community, i.e., people who throw off the yoke of the mitzvot from their necks and do not join together with the Jewish people in the observance of the mitzvot, the honoring of the festivals, or the attendance of synagogues and houses of study. Instead, they are like free and independent people like the other nations. Similarly, we do not mourn for heretics, apostates, and people who inform on Jews to the gentiles. Instead, their brothers and their other relatives wear white clothes, robe themselves in white, eat, drink, and celebrate for the enemies of the Holy One, blessed be He, have perished. Concerning them, Psalms139:21 states: “Those who hate You, O God, will I hate.” (Rambam: Hilchot Evel – Halacha 10)


6 Responses to “Mosrim And Mishichistim Not Jewish”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Finally Some Good New, I Hope! Merkos Officials: To Get Rid Of Mishichist Cult From 770

    Weekly Parshah: Ki Tisa

    Op-Ed: Bad Apples

    Mishichistim and Mossrim, One Of The Same

    Mishichistim and Mesira

    Psak for Mesira Is Granted to Shmira and Mishichistim From over a Hundred Rabonim and Many Community Members

    Mishichist Pride! One Sin Leads to Another Sin! How it Came Down To This. Chain Reaction!

  2. antimesira Says:

    יום שלישי ט”ו ניסן ה’תש”ע

    מזל טוב לחתן הת’ שניאור זלמן רותם-קלמנוביץ הרצליה לרגל בואו בקשרי השידוכין
    בתיה אוריאל ירושלים

    It’s a Mitzva.
    Help save this disaster of a Sidduch from happening.

    The Rotem Household:
    Parents: Koby and Chani kalmanovitz/Rotem
    Home Phone: 09-955-4251 or 077-217-7018
    Cell: 052-256-0490
    Fax: 09-955-4251

    Address: לייב יפה 38/6
    הרצליה 46321

    The Ariel Household: (the bride)
    Parents: אריאל- אברהם ולאה
    Phone: 02-581-6938
    Address: הרב בלוי 12
    ירושלים 97363

  3. Emes Says:

    Realty check!!!
    This was a waste of time.

    We read three times a day in our prayers…

    “For the informers there is no hope”
    Then it goes on to describe what to do with the Moser.

    Peace will not come from Mosrim. The mosrim propaganda machine is already at it. Want to see the peace thats coming, read the comments on COLLIVE (from the Mosrims side).

    Come on people, get real, learn from the past!!!

  4. Shulchan Aruch Says:

    No Jew or Jewess, wherever he may be, is allowed to go to a non-Jewish court, or to their offices or officers, without exception. If there should be any disagreement between Jews, they should turn to a Jewish Beis Din for their legal proceedings according to Jewish law …

    It is not permissible under any circumstances, to summon a fellow Jew to a non-Jewish court prior to summoning him to a Jewish Beis Din …

    No Jew, even if he is a rabbi or leader, is allowed to permit other Jews to go to non-Jewish court before summoning the other party to Beis Din …

    A Jew or Jewess who says that they will take a fellow Jew to the non-Jewish courts, and they were warned of their sin and didn’t listen, mitzva laha’rog otam, and whoever acts first is worthy, as is the case of a rodeif (one who chasing a person to kill him). (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat ibid.) …

    A Jewish man or woman who calls the police on the other, is included in the classification of moser …

  5. Hilchot Mamrim - Rambam Says:

    There are four transgressors whose execution must be announced publicly: a rebellious elder, lying witnesses, a person who entices others to worship idols, and a wayward and rebellious son. For with regard to all of them, the Torah states: “so that they will hear and become afraid.”

  6. Throw them out!!! Says:

    This past Shabbos a mishichist mosser with a pin came to read the Torah for us. He was kindly asked in the back of Shul to take off his pin or he wont be allowed to Lain the Torah, The Jihadist refused and he was denied reading out holy Torah and was asked to leave the Shul which he did.

    He did has the Chutzpa to ask for payment, he was told to fly a kit.

    I implore the individual who took this stand and stood his ground not allowing this heretic to read our Torah.

    It’s about time we all follow this lead and throw them all out. Mishichistim/hertics/idol worshipers and Mossrim don’t belong in our Shuls, schools and our neighborhoods.

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