Need Your Help: Intel Gathering


CHLEAKS needs your assistance exposing the corruption and fraud.

I need a list complied of all those who have served (as board members) for the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. throughout the years. I would like a list of names and years they served.

If you can compile such a list for me, I would be very grateful.

In addition:

CHLEAKS is interested in any and all propaganda documents (letters and booklets) that have come forth over the years from the:

1) Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. and/or the Vaad Hakoul.

2) The Crown Heights Beth Din.

3) Any letter signed by anyone associated with the Cabal (of the CHJCC and their Beis Din).

Regarding the following:

1) The Fischer saga (court documents included).

2) The war against Aguch and Merkoz (court documents included).

3) Machne Menachem saga (court documents included).

4) “Shmira Shomrim” saga.

5) The Rubashkin saga.

6) any other saga I may have missed out.

I’m sure there are some of you out there who have collected this stuff. Please scan your material and email to

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7 Responses to “Need Your Help: Intel Gathering”

  1. ExMeshichist Says:

    If you can get hold of the first few years of Beis Moshiach magazine, there you will find a lot of hate and propaganda towards the “antis”.

    Had Beis Moshiach mag been on-line it would have been the first hate site of Crown Heights.

  2. Eli Cohen Says:

    Eli Cohen was very much involved in the ULY case.

  3. somebody Says:

    I believe in the “daas hakohol” book of sichos etc published 5762(?) (by Yossel Reizes), there’s a list in the back of pics names and dates of vaad hakohol/gabboim etc..

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      If anybody has this book “daas hakohol”, please scan and send me the list in the back with photos and names of vaad hakohol/gabboim etc..
      Thanking you in advance.

  4. Insider Says:

    With that list you will discover many who when entering for “service” at the CHJCC were poor and did not own an acre of real-state, HOWEVER, when they left the CHJCC they were filthy rich with plenty of real-state.

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