Need Your Help Exposing Corruption in our Community


WIS strives to help you the public, by exposing corruption in all it’s forms. Knowledge is power, and knowledge can protect you from the corruption that runs rampant in many sections of our society. Corrupt and unethical organizations, institutions, and individuals thrive in the darkness of public ignorance and apathy.

Help WIS take back the power, educate yourself with information on how corruption can be exposed, and excised.If you have a story of corruption that you would like to share with the community, please do so by sending your story to:

You will remain anonymous at all times.

Those who have worked with WIS know that I don’t even inquire as to who they are, to WIS that’s irrelevant. What is relevant is what they are saying and what they are sending (true or not true?). 

Together we can take back our community.

*WIS is interested in corruptions of all kinds.


7 Responses to “Need Your Help Exposing Corruption in our Community”

  1. Mendy W. Says:

    mullah chanin is the head of the vaad?

    what the f-k ! how could they elect a man who openly eats chazzer and is not shomer shabbos.

    our community is f-ked.

    i guess money talks.

    why stop at making mullah head of the vaad… make him the new rebbe. since he is not shomer shabbos he can drive to 770 on shabbos to give a farbrengen

  2. Mendy W. Says:

    I respect the who is shmira blog for its honest and truthful reporting. I would like to request an investigative article about the scumbag mullah chanin yemach shemoh.

    How much money did he steal?

    Tell us more about his indictment for stealing someones credit card and using it at a las vegas brothel.

    ask anyone who works for b.p.s. … sam chanin orders chazzer for lunch. he uses prostitutes. he rips off his clients and partners.

    People hate him, he is a thief.

    Now crown heights is the laughing stock of the frum world.

    god help us all.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Dear Mendy W.

      1. Welcome back, it’s been a long time since WIS has seen you last.

      2. Thanks for the compliments.

      3. WIS asked for HELP not more work. Do your own investigation and get back to us. You write that Chanin was indicted, find the indictment number and come back with that info. DON’T ASSUME WIS OR ANYBODY FOR THAT MATTER KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. GIVE DETAILS AND SEND PROOF, OTHERWISE IT IS HEARSAY AND WORTHLESS INFORMATION.


      4. Regarding your previous comment. curse words are not allowed anymore, some thing have changed around here, being that our hits have grown big time, WIS had to make a few rules.

  3. Mendy W. Says:

    I apologize for the curse words I used. I am very passionate about my community falling apart, and I let my anger get the best of me.

    I worked for b.p.s. a few years ago , so I know alot of inside information about their dishonest business.

    Give me some time, I will find the proof on paper and submit it to your blog.

    Thank you.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    look into the senior citizen center run by hertz
    i think he is being investigated
    he charges rent for the the shul to be there and guess who davens there, ZAKI

  5. Glenn Beck Show – Jan 17, 2011 Says:

  6. Says:


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