Corrupt Cabal Of The CHJCC Presents Another Distraction


Crown Heights-low information-irrelevant- Distraction News

Regarding:  Deceptive Letter Threatens Kingston Ave. Shops with $10,000 Fine

Read:  Time For Crown Heights To Wake Up!!! 

and Bringing Down the House

Don’t be a dog who chases after twigs!!!



One Response to “Corrupt Cabal Of The CHJCC Presents Another Distraction”

  1. MachneMenachem Says:

    …”The issuing of the TRO was exclusively thanks to trickery and deception on the parts of R. Braun and his cohorts, including: Yaakov Herzog, Joseph Boruch Spielman, Yaakov Spritzer, Michoel Chazan and Mottel Chein, all of whom were ‘appointed’ to various positions of the ‘new’ Vaad Hakashrus.

    The TRO was granted after a hearing that took place on Friday, July 12. Following the proceedings, the lawyers representing Rabbi Osdoba left the courthouse while the lawyers for R. Braun remained behind and requested the TRO.

    After hearing about this TRO, the lawyers for Rabbi Osdoba requested an emergency hearing, which was held the following Monday, July 15th. The TRO was immediately vacated and voided.

    This past Friday, August 9, storeowners began receiving letters ‘informing them of the upcoming changes’ to the Vaad Hakashrus….”

    This whole thing is Yaakov Spritzers head. He’s done this maneuver in the past with the Machne Menachem RICO case.

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