Mosrim: “Let Us Complete The Job”


In a change of heart and in the name of true peace, helps spread the word about the Mosrim. They still some lie about unverified claims, but thats ok, after all they are irrelevant and just give WIS something to put under the Humor categories.

The volunteer corps....has applied the age old curse of Mosrim (informers) upon the current Vaad members. (Successfully)

    This, in the name of democracy and a fair election.

This, in the name of democracy and a fair election.

WIS is a bit disappointed that did not stick in something about “other web-sites”. :(

Those who Justify Mesira, are part of the problem!!!

6 Responses to “Mosrim: “Let Us Complete The Job””

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Why is giving the Hershkops so much attention, are they running for any elections?
    it seems that whatever they are doing, they are doing it good.

    WIS wishes them much success in OUR fight against the Mosrim. WE must ALL take these Mosrim down to the deepest levels of hell.

    320 Jay street and the subpoenas on the Gemachim showed us all that the mosrim have no limits.


  2. antimesira Says:

    “The volunteer corps….has applied the age old curse of Mosrim (informers)”

    I see!!!
    Mesira is a thing of the past, Shulchan Aruch is a thing of the past, today Mesira is allowed, only in the old days is was a curse?


    The fact that the mosrim are switching their focas on people who are not even running and whom are just using their right to free speech, shows us all the trouble they are in. It proves that whatever the Hershkops are doing, they are being very successful and for that we are very greatful.

    But all this means nothing, if the people don’t go vote the mosrim out!!!

  3. machanemenachem Says:

    I see this as a good sign of desperation. The propaganda on is the the whole reason why I started to begin with. This propaganda is not new, it has been around for years.
    Although they write that they have documents, they never show them, this is an old tactic. With all the wasted paper what the problem showing these documents, in fact with the internet you dont even waste paper, you can simply post it on line. So let’s see these documents.
    One thing you will notice on MachneMenachem is that every-time it says something about anything, I bring prove. The same we can say (97% of the time with WIS).

    The days of “everybody knows”, “they say”, and “its a fact” are over.

    Even though there really is no need to answer, but since all I (now) have to do is just post links, I will do so…
    What I noticed is that and the other anti-Shomrim web sites take the time to write whole post, responding to comments on WIS. WIS is a power house and and inspiration. If the Mosrim hate it so much and pay so much attention to this site, WIS is doing something right. Who oppose the current Vaad?


    Parshas Machne Menachem

    Din Torah: Past, Present and Future

    Rabbi Marlow Testifies In Court: When The Head Is Sick So Is The Body

    Same Mesira!!! Different People?

    “To characterize the complaint as prolix, replete with hearsay and irrelevancies, would be charitable”.
    (Judge Glasser- Final Ruling Against Yankel Spritzer)

    Spritzer Suing in Federal Court a.k.a Mesira
    !לא תעמוד על דם רעך

    This was a diversionary tactic to enable them to seize full control of the camp.They succeeded at first giving the judge a negative impression of us. They brought false witnesses including Joseph Spielman, Yaakov Herzog, and Yisroel Sandhaus, who all testified falsely against us in court! Spielman testified that his van had been burned and he believed it was Hershkop who did it. This testimony persuaded the judge to reopen the bank account for them and issue a restraining order against us, forbidding us to come in contact with the plaintiffs or with the camp.”

    A History Of No Respect: Spritzer Not Listening To Rabonim

    Spritzer has never obeyed the Rabonim’s ruling to pay over $10,000 to Meir Kahanov, nor their ruling to pay Sholom Horowitz $5,000 or more for the brutal beating he and his sons gave him in Shul one Simchas Torah. He even disobeyed Rabonim and took his sister to court (see below, shocking). He has a record of flouting Halacha and the authority of the Rabonim!

    So why is it that so many of those allegedly eager to defend the honor of the Rabonim are rallying to support someone with such a record of flouting their authority?

    The rulings directing Spritzer to compensate Kahanov and Horiwtz, respectively…(Rulings which to date have not been addressed):

    The only Psak Din that says that somebody ACTUALLY hit another, is a Psak Din On Yankle the Ganev Spritzer. As for the Hershkops, after a 7 years trial, the judge concluded that the claims of hitting etc… were false and unfounded.

    THE FACTS: To My Dear Friend…Greetings and Blessings [The Facts of the Matter]

    Psak Din[im] 5757/1997-5769/2008

  4. WIS FAN Says:

    Notice: Only the post thats WIS links of makes it over 90%, sometimes even 100%.

    This means that 85% of people viewing those post are WIS fans, who are getting the WIS point of view.

    No wounder WIS is a threat to them. No wounder they want to silence you.

    Keep up the good work.

    Its safe to say that WIS saved Crown Heights this year!!!

  5. Comments Says:

    I’m happy many are coming out to vote.

    It’s just so funny to see these mosrim on collive (a moserim promoter web site) promoting themselves and writing their own comments.

  6. Run Off for Second and Third Place Says:

    In this system of voting – which will hopefully be changed – whereby one can vote for 3 till a maximum of 7 the results of Sunday’s election with a record 2044 votes cast is that the only winner is…

    Zaki Tamir with 1105 votes – 54%

    Since the Vaad Hakohol needs a minimum of 3 members and only 1 of the candidates received more than 50% of the vote there will now be a run off between Fishel Brownstein, Yossi Hackner and Shea Hecht to determine who will be the 2nd & 3rd members of the Vaad Hakohol.


    Bennaroch, Avrohom – 923 – 45%-
    Brownstein, Fishel 1016 – 50%-
    Cadaner, Zev – 846 – 41% –
    Chazan, Michoel – 863 – 42% –
    Hackner, Yossi – 942 – 46% –
    Hecht, Shea – 936 – 46% –
    Keller, Yossi – 377 – 18% –
    Potorak, Eli – 759 – 37% –
    Schreiber, Meir – 424 -21% –
    Sperlin, Chanina – 880 – 43% –
    Spinner, Meir -786 – 38% –
    Vogel, Aron – 654 – 32%

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