Our Victory Over Mesira



Winers and Losers:

The Winers: The people of Crown Heights who voted against Mesira.

Losers: Gangsters, Chanina Sperlin, Elie Poltorak, Zev Cadaner, Mendle Hendel, the Shmira Mesira, and all the Mishichistim that justify and excuse acts of violence and Mesira. And how  can we forget COLLiVE, who invested so much  in the Mosrim this past year, so much so that while six Jews were facing a six week trial they just ignored it, like it wasn’t happening (by orders of the Moser and gangster Chanina Sperlin). Jihad.info, despite their usual propaganda; lies and deceit they lost.

In their desperation Jihad.info went on the attack, attacking all and any opponent, even those not running in the campaign. Not one mention of any positive for their runners, only hate.  Now Jihad.info and co. cry like babies.

Hopefully, next week WIS will report the good news of the loser Fishel Brownstein.

We got this far, lets complete the job! All Mosrim out!!!

WIS and I’m sure many of you have received many e-mails and text encouraging you to go vote. One such e-mail stated the following…

We have 2,200 people who can vote.
1,200 never vote.
900 always vote
500 always vote for the Mosrim!

After the elections WIS had emailed the sender with a question…You said that only 500 vote for Mosrim and the sad realty is that 800 voted for Mesira, how do you explain this?

The reply: “I stand by what I wrote. Consider that 300 of the 800 are family and close friends that kind of have to vote for these guys, then we are left with another 500 Bali Machlokes who always vote for Mesira (the excuser’s and justifiers), no matter who the Mosrim are, these are the Jihadhist.”

Facts and Rumors:

There was a rumor that Shea Hecht was bouncing out of the race, that as a matter of fact is not true. This could have been a tactic by the Mosrim to confuse people and damper our spirits, after all how can they let another Jew be happy.

The only ones who are confused and dazed are the Mosrim. <<<< יחי המחלוקת

Before the elections Mr. Meir Schreiber was threatened by the Mosrim not to run.

The Sperlin family are very worried, they don’t know what to do with their man child Chanina, now that he’s out of of of…what is it that he did here in Crown Heights, oh ye, people to Moser on.  They are trying to pull many tricks to get him back on the Vaad. One such threat, they won’t pay to build a Mikva they promised they would fund if Chanina does not get in.

Miracle In Our Times:
…”You delivered the mighty into the hands of the weak, the many into the hands of the few…”

Jihad.info writes:

Notwithstanding the election’s failure to provide a complete leadership, one thing it did prove: the camp of Rabbi Schwei, made up of mostly Mishechistim, is larger than any other constituency in the neighborhood. In fact, the group’s size is equivalent to all three opposing groups collectively.

Nu, so if they are a LARGER group then why did they loss by both elections (vaad and Gabbi)?
Answer: It must be a Chanukah Miracle for the “three very small opposing  groups”

And [we thank You] for the miracles, for the redemption, for the mighty deeds, for the saving acts, and for the wonders which You have wrought for our ancestors in those days, at this time—

In the days of Matityahu, the son of Yochanan the High Priest, the Hasmonean and his sons, when the wicked Hellenic government rose up against Your people Israel to make them forget Your Torah and violate the decrees of Your will. But You, in Your abounding mercies, stood by them in the time of their distress. You waged their battles, defended their rights, and avenged the wrong done to them. You delivered the mighty into the hands of the weak, the many into the hands of the few, the impure into the hands of the pure, the wicked into the hands of the righteous, and the wanton sinners into the hands of those who occupy themselves with Your Torah. You made a great and holy name for Yourself in Your world, and effected a great deliverance and redemption for Your people Israel to this very day. Then Your children entered the shrine of Your House, cleansed Your Temple, purified Your Sanctuary, kindled lights in Your holy courtyards, and instituted these eight days of Chanukah to give thanks and praise to Your great Name.

It is self understood how every word above can fully be applied to the situation we are going through now.

More… Much Much More To Come… Stay Tuned…


11 Responses to “Our Victory Over Mesira”

  1. News Says:


    no more mika soffer no more jihad info

    YOU guys are the people of crown heights.

    i know it all along that YOU represent the real crown heights.

    now everyone knows it

    just to see yesterday the face of the huebner nazi was worthed.


    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      WIS is here to stay.

      You ain’t seen nothing yet.

      WIS does not belong to any party, not right and not left.
      WIS belongs to the party of right and wrong!

      WIS will continue to expose wrong behavior – Mesira, theft, corruption etc… as long as its happening.

      WIS thanks all of you, the people, for making this happen.
      This was a win for the community, the community said NO to Mesira.

      Don’t be disillusioned, the Mesira won’t stop, until all those responsible for the Mesira (shomrim six) pay the price and a heavy one it will be.

      BTW, does anybody know when the Moser Dov Hinkind is up for re-elections?

  2. World Says:

    Whatever happens in Crown Heights happens around the world in national politics.

    It seems (from what took place here in CH) that coming November, the conservative party (tea party) will be taking back the house.

    Let’s pray.

  3. Yechi Hamachlokes Says:

    Mishichistim Sore losers state:
    “The Machlokes/fights must go on!!!!”

    What now for Crown Heights?

    So is Crown Heights predominantly one sided? Is there chance for unity? Which constituency is the strongest in the neighborhood? Who will be the third rabbi? This, and more discussed in an exclsive article by Tzemach Brown.

    also, why is a so called “official” web site, using a fake name like tzemach brown to write ALL their articles.

    This election proved that a blog like WIS has more power then an “official” mishichist site, yet they have the gal to proclaim that they are the majority, what a joke, what losers.

    They can’t and wont let peace happen, its in their nature, it’s not for nothing that somebody becomes a mishichist. Mishicihstim are by nature angry bitter people, there is no hope for them.

    They say it…read the Jihad.info propaganda, its as clear as day.

    • Concerned Says:

      Why are these mishichistim making this about this side and that side, Baroch Hashem the community showed up (2,264). Never is history was there such interest in a CH election and not they (Mendle Hendel and co.) are trying to play it down and make it about this side or that.

      After reading what it says on Chabad.info, thanks to WIS, who for some reason gives them all their hits…I felt they should have just put THIS picture in their heading…

      They are just trying to suck us all in a big yellow pit that leads to darkness, they decorate it with nice poker dotes, but all those with half a brain know thats its just an illusion.

  4. anti-machlokes Says:

    There is still a long road and battle in front of us, there will be peace at the end, we have still a way to go.

    the mishichstim (as the comment above proves) wont let this go, they are finding ways to keep the fight/hate alive, they are simply hate mongers.

  5. Chaim M Says:

    marim with a mem not a nun

    remark on video

  6. CH resident Says:

    We would like to thank the ANTI-MESIRA volunteer corps, for a job well done.
    Thanks you for getting ride of the Mesira gangsters, we just got to get ride of that last one.

    The one whom after the meeting last week, replied when asked why he and his “acduse” team were silence when 6 of his fellow Jews were facing trial etc…

    Fishel Brownstein: “well, you guys did hit the Bochrim”.

    To say such a thing after a six week trial/blood libel and over 3000 pages of [false] testimony/transcripts, is disgusting and justifying a Mesira, a mesira that could have left fathers and husbands (hard working community people), in jail for 15 years.

    Fishel Brownstein is a member of the same gang as Sperlin and Poltrock.

    Say NO to MESIRA, Say NO to the GANGSTERS!!!

  7. john doe Says:

    The only comment the jihad info EDP’s find useful to show on their article bitching about the election results and the reply from “tzemek molester brown” Priceless? no! Useless yes!
    The only way and reason the messianist EDP’s got where they are today is because mainstream chabad turned a blind eye to the “harmless” retards who no no better, these harmless retards stepped all over and pushed aside the mainstream and declared that ‘they’ are the mainsream.
    well the mainsream woke up and they aint going back to sleep I can smell the fear of the loser that wrote the comment through my computer screen ‘BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID.

    1. the rov is the man you have to start to worry about now!

    Hope there will be a good and fair rov at least.

    Please chabad.info and Marxist don’t make the same mistake you made by the Vaad hakohol.

    what was that mistake?
    The most impotent letters about the Harshkop brothers, Hecht, showing Chaim hershkop put up stickers, about change and obama’s change (which were on the Acduteam website) and many more articles which you you did not write about at all and and which were not sent to every house.

    If you would of sent it all out 2 weeks before the election and send letters (in defense) each time someone writes against you the the “current Vaad” would of won fur sure.

    start thinking now of who will run and think of better propaganda; ways and plans to make sure “the Right” Rov wins and not a “lefty” like Segel.

    remember the rov is more importent then the vaad hakohol and gabboim for a few good reasons

    1. the rov will be there fore life.
    2. if there is a good rov he wont listen the everything the vaad tells him to do and only do whats right (Torah/Shulchan Aruch)
    3. he wont listen to every thing Osboda tells him to do.
    4. he will tell the make the vaad do good and not bad.

    P.S. Tzemach you are a good writer
    i like your stuff, thanks you for helping make the case of why we can’t vote the Mosrim back in.

  8. Where? Says:

    Jihad.info writes:
    “They have publicly endorsed Shea Hecht, who they see as someone who will help materialize their dreams of omnipotence.”

    Not that is would make a difference if the Hershkop are endorsing or not.
    I just want to know where “They have publicly endorsed Shea Hecht”, i searched on line ch.info, collive and even jihad.info and did not find not one single endorsement for shea hecht, in fact not for anybody.

    I would really appreciate if they would show us all this public endorsing.

    Funny thing is, that only a few lines up Jihad writes…
    “Apparently endorsing one side was less necessary than smearing the incumbent members of the board.”

    So what is it, did they are not endorse anybody and where?

  9. beard or no beard Says:

    one of the anti-mesira duds does not have a full beard, we must expose him and throw him in jail for 15 years.

    how can he fight mesira, the worse Jewish offense, worse then touching your beard while touching his beard?

    its better to be a moser with a beard then be mosered on without a beard.

    [the above comment makes no sense, attempting to make fun of 89% of comments/post and common sense from collive and jihad.info].

    Mesira allowed!
    Beard touching, will be a victim of allowed mesira.

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