Yechi HaMachlokes…The Fight Must Go On!


No peace going to happen with Mishichistim, they can't and wont let peace happen, it's who and what they are, fight fight fight, must keep the fight alive. Mishichistim are by nature angry hate mongers.

Also Beard or No Beard Beard or No Beard?

Beards or No Beards?

Shame on COLLIVE and anybody else, for  making this an issue, the community just went through a year plus of terrible Mesira/Blood libels  (which COLLIVE and many were silence) and now you come on a holy horse pretending to care? Oh, wait this really has nothing to do with “beard and no beard”, just like the whole Mishichist movement/party has nothing to do with “the Rebbe being Moshiach” or not. It has always been about politics (for Mishichist party) and this beard thing has nothing to do with right and wrong, it has to do with Right and Left (as far as the mishichistim are concerned).

To the guy whom printed the yellow flag stickers with the word Mosrim on them. I give you full promising to print this new addition and look forward to seeing it soon.


4 Responses to “Yechi HaMachlokes…The Fight Must Go On!”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    The community voted and we knew what we are voting for and we knew even more what we are voting against.

    We all voted against Mesira!!

    The Mishichist party is going to do everything in its power to make sure the Machlokes stays alive and thats very sad.

    The only way to make peace is if we have peace like in the days of Shlomo Hamelech. Shlomo Hamelech had peace because his father, Dovid Hamelech, made sure there was peace and quit. Dovid Hamelech fought and killed off the enemy. By the time his son was king, there was no enemy (left).

    After 15 years of Mesira, intimidation, threats etc… , its time to put these Mosrim on the defense. Other wise it will never stop.

    if you can’t help, stay out of the way!
    If you know someone is going to attempt to kill you, you must wake up earlier then him and kill him first.
    At this point its kill or be killed.

    We will have true peace sooner then you think.

  2. News Says:

    get rid of the hendel mendel and 90 % is done

    this hoodlooms are not machissim they are evil get rid of them send them to gaza with the turks

  3. yechi monster Says:

    my flags are much cooler than yours.

    new one coming soon…. do you read arabic?

  4. Yep, Yechi Hamochlokes Says:

    Heres another example of how they wont let peace happen.

    BTW,, just because you write something is a fact, does not make it so. Prove your claims.
    Court documents show that it was the gabboyim that mixed in to this case,.

    This is a civil matter, so please stop playing victim.

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