Moser: Chanina Sperlin – Out Of Touch


A Vote for Chanina Is a Vote Mesira! Remember Chanina has "connections". Sperlin has and will us them agianst you!

Where was Chanina Sperlin when six Jews were falsely arrested?
Where was Chanina Sperlin for the two years, these six Jews were going to court?
Where was Chanina Sperlin for the six weeks these six Jews stood trial?

WIS wishes (and I’m sure the Shomrim six as well) that we could write that Chanina Sperlin was nowhere to be found. WIS wises he was able to make fun and just put a bunch of Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z by Chanina Sperlins name. But sadly that is not so, Chanina Sperlin was there by the time of arrest (he did wake up in the middle of the night with his phone near his bed). Chanina Sperlin was there the whole two years and the six weeks of trial.

Chanina Sperlin, Elie Poltorak and their friend Dov Hinkind, where all very much involved in this case. How we wish they weren’t! Sadly they used their “connections” to get Jews locked up.

” I find no reason to arrest you guys and press charges, but do to political presser from the chief, I had to make this arrest, but don’t worry guys, this wont go anywhere” (arresting officer and now detective Brian Duffy to the shomrim six at the time of arrest).

Chanina and his “connections” is a myth that has no standing!

Where was Chanina Sperlin for THIS guy?

Show us one JEW whom Chanina Sperlin got out of Jail? WIS Can definitely can point to many he got in.

One ticket that Chanina Sperlin was able to get off?

When the community was ponded with tickets (example: Purim and in front of our schools, dropping off our children), it was not Chanina Sperlin that had it stopped.

Who, in every incident (crime or what not) always finds away to justify the the  aggressors (whether is be the police or others), and demonetize the victims?  Answer: Chanina Sperlin.

Chanina Sperlin has and will us his so called “connections” to lock up anybody who he feels is a threat. He tried to lock up 4 families in 2001, for a box that was worth maybe $40. Chanina Sperlin did not even witness the incident and yet went to report it and put tremendous pressure on the District Attorney  to pursue a case. A case that lasted a whole year. It turns out that the $40 box, belonged to the defendants .

Remember remember Don-t Forget!

A history that might have been forgotten on Chanina Sperlin:

1. Seforim Case:

Chanina Sperlin recorded the Rebbe conversing with the Lawyers regarding the Seforim case. Sperlin then went ahead and forwarded these recordings to Barry Gorary.

2. When Rebbe was not well:

Chanina Sperlin installed a recording device (known as a bug) in the Rebbes room, in-order to hear Rabbi Kirisky conversing with the Doctors. Which later he was able to forward to Lable Groner.

3. Chanina Sperlin Instigator of the Hatzala Machlokes.

4. Chanina Sperlin Instigator of the Shmira Vs. Shomrim Machlokes.

5. Chanina Sperlin is responsible for the Machlokes between Rabbis Osdoba and Scwei.

Want more Machlokes, keep Chanina Sperlin around!

2 Responses to “Moser: Chanina Sperlin – Out Of Touch”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    this whole properganda of chanina having connections is B.S. show me one persom whom got in trouble with the law whom chanina helped. in fact the opsit is true, sperlin only helped lock up jews.

  2. Red Says:

    Which red are u,
    On or in ur face?

    Red on face for shea,
    Red in face for chanina!

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