Mock Elections Coming Back To Play In Crown Heights


Regarding: Crown Heights Jewish Community Council to Hold Elections

The Crown Heights Community Council Inc. is so irreverent to our day to day lives that it took me a week to make time (wasted time) to address this issue.

Besides, after reading and hearing what the people have to say about this, there isn’t much to add.

I will however say a few things.

1) Why after eight years of silence/irrelevancy are the corrupt cabal of the CHJCC pretending to hold an election? What is really going on in that office? Something must have moved.

2) Who are they fooling. The last elections was a joke, it had no meaning, the corrupt cabal put their people in, the new members were corrupted on day one. The individual who received the most votes disappeared, bought a home shortly after (although he couldn’t afford it pre-chjcc). CHLEAKS will talk about how every past and present member of the CHJCC entered poor and left rich with lot’s of real estate. Go down the list, you will find this to be true.

3) They will never allow a totally new team of new blood to enter and have access to all their corruption. If you are running, you better run as a team of all new blood and make sure nobody has any connection to any of the cabal.  You better be strong, because the corrupt Mosrim will do what it takes to protect “their” fort. It’s not going to be clean, respectful and Jewish, these Mosrim are ready and willing to spill blood. If you stand strong, CHLEAKS will be there for you.

4) Watch how the usual clown will throw their hat in and make this thing in to a bigger joke than it already is.

5) Chanina Sperlin, who was de-elected (voted out) in last elections was somehow still there and doing his thing. Your vote doesn’t really matter, they are just using elections as a cover for legitimacy.

Chanina Sperlin will of-course run, we have absolutely no doubt about that. If that Mosser does run, CHLEAKS is back in business. We have thousands of Sperlin related documents which have not been posted. 


Closing: Before the word elections are mentioned ever again. We demand that the CHJCC come out with a full report on their activities for the past eight years (at least). We would like to know how much funds they received over the years, from whom and how they allocated these monies?





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