NYPD and Meshichistim


Dear New York City Police Department,

Why is it that when we (good law abiding citzins)  get attacked/assaulted by Meshichistim (for no apparent reason), you give us a hard time.

You give us a hard time making reports and you refrain from making arrest and charging the suspects.

Yet, when the Meshichistim faction of Crown Heights make false accusations, reports, arrest, charges are done almost immediately. (Example #1: The Box case – Example #2: Shomrim Six case).

In other words: Why is the Meshichistim faction very comfortable and confident that NYPD will follow through with their complaint, while we are not so confident and are afraid of getting the run around?


One Response to “NYPD and Meshichistim”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Because by the Meshichistim they have Chanina Sperlin/CHJCC and Co. working on overdrive to make sure NYPD locks up whomever Meshichistim are accusing.

    Chanina Sperlin will only wake up to have a Meshichist released (with charges dropped for no apparent reason) or a non-meshichist locked up.

    Also, the Meshichistim are natural Mossrim. It’s easy for them to lock up a Jew. While our people find it a little difficult.

    The meshichistim will go all the way with their mesirah, as we saw with the shomrim six.

    We make the MISTAKE or better yet excuse, that the arrested meshichist learned his lesson by sitting in the station house for three hours.

    We convince ourselves that we are being “the better people” by “doing the right thing”, when in realty we are not being the better people and we are not doing the right thing. The proof of this is the fact that acts of violence and Mesirah keep happening again and again.

    We also make the mistake by thinking we can convince them to change. When in realty the only way to victory is to defeat them.

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