How Can Yossi Stern Help Steal From Our Community

Yossi Stern wants a piece of the pie

Yossi Stern wants a piece of the pie

Regarding:[PDF] Yossi Stern-How Can We Help Our Community

Yes, ladies and gentleman you are seeing it with your own eyes, the individual whose finally going to actually allocate [government] funds  to help the needy of Crown Heights instead of pocketing it for himself like the corrupt cabal of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc and Co. is none other then….. (Drum rolls please)…… the Mosser, the Cazzer [pig], the Ganef….Yossi Stern [?]

Yossi Stern has been such a vital part of the Crown Heights neighborhood.

Just look at all the successful Chesed organizations he founded and participated in.

Look how many of his fellow Jews he and his wife have assisted over the years, they are so many we lost count.

Who in Crown Heights doesn’t have Yossi Sterns cell phone number? Everyone knows to call Yossi Stern from anything ranging from a car boost to connections with politicians.

Everybody and everyone knows the name Yossi Stern.

What you haven’t heard of the great and all caring Yossi Stern? Where have you been? Do you live in Crown Heights?

[For those of you who are a bit on the slow side, the above is meant to be sarcasm].

yossi stern-Senator Eric AdamsClick image to Enlarge

 I was going to write a bunch of stuff but after reviewing the comments related to the article and seeing as to how Stern got obliterated, there is nothing left to add. And besides it doesn’t really matter, this event and it’s outcome means nothing to any of us (doesn’t do anything to for our bottom line).

Exit Questions: Whose really behind this event?

Where are the millions of dollars the Crown Heights Community Council, Inc. has received over the years to assist the needy of the Crown Heights Community?

Recap: Corruption and Fraud at Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC)

[1BC]  Yossi Stern Supports Yossi Stern

Event Update: Fundraiser Canceled Town Hall Meeting Instead

This pie is gooood

This pie is gooood

5 Responses to “How Can Yossi Stern Help Steal From Our Community”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Ye, Yossi Stern is going to stop over 30 years of corruption. Where the hell was this clown all these years?

    Oh ye, he’s been working for the cabal to destroy the community. Stern has been used and very likely is currently being used as a distraction.

  2. antimesira Says:

    Crown Heights doesn’t need more government grants. Unfortunately the money until this day has been pocketed by the corrupt CHJCC and used for Machlokes.

    The only organizations to actuality do something to help those in need are the private one’s.

    When was the first or last time Yossi Stern helped another yid?

    The last time he was involved in Crown Heights was when five years ago he worked overtime to orchestrate the Shomrim Six Mesirah together with Paul Huebner, Chanina Sperlin etc…

  3. oygevald Says:

    why is collive going along with this B.S.?

    Oh wait, it’s collive.

  4. Ari Says:

    why is collive going along with this B.S.?

    delusional about the situation

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Well I believe when one is going to rid a community of corruption, he or she should begin with his or herself… how can we fix a broken community when we don’t even wanna finacially take care of our family at home and the family we make outside.

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