EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Yitzchok Shuchat


A Brooklyn man wanted in the beating of a cop’s son is hiding in plain sight in Israel – enraging the victim’s dad.

Yitzhak Shuchat, 27, fled after the incident and is living outside Tel Aviv with his wife and children, his family confirmed Monday.

“It’s a disgrace,” said NYPD cop Moses Charles. “My son is still suffering, and this guy gets to enjoy his life.”

Andrew Charles, then 20, was riding his bike through Crown Heights in April 2008 when he was set upon by a gang of men who doused him with pepper spray and beat him with a night stick.

Shuchat – a member of a Hasidic civilian crime patrol named Shmira – was identified as one of the attackers in the racially charged incident.

An arrest warrant was issued in May 2008, although the charges have not been made public.

Shuchat fled to Montreal and then Israel shortly afterward, investigators believe.

His secret was not made public until this year, when a man entirely unconnected to the case hunted the fugitive down and turned over the information to the Brooklyn district attorney’s office.

Brooklyn car mechanic Aron Hershkop – a member of a rival crime patrol group, Shomrim – became convinced last year that Shuchat was harassing him from overseas.

Hershkop said his complaints to authorities fell on deaf ears.

So he hired a private investigator, Joe Levin, who easily located Shuchat in Lod, where Israel’s largest airport is based.

“If I was able to find him with my resources, why can’t the government find him with their resources?” Hershkop said.

He said he told Brooklyn prosecutors last month where they could find Shuchat.

A spokesman for the district attorney would not say how long the office has known where Shuchat is hiding out.

“We have been actively pursuing his extradition, and we will continue to do so,” District Attorney Charles Hynes said.

The office referred further questions to the State Department, which referred questions to the Justice Department. The Justice Department declined to comment.

Charles said he was never told investigators knew where to find one of his son’s accused attackers – nor was he given an explanation for the holdup.

“I wasn’t aware of this. I wasn’t given any information,” the 42-year-old officer said.

Shuchat did not respond to a message left with his mother-in-law, Rachel Kirschenbaum.

With Alison Gendar and William Sherman

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2010/11/16/2010-11-16_suspect_livin_it_up_in_israel_vics_pa_fumes.html#ixzz15T668PGC

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15 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Yitzchok Shuchat”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Jews are not obligated to be the world’s suckers. If someone punches you, you do not need to turn the other cheek and let him punch you again. Nor need you ignore signs of an impending attack and fail to prevent it. The Sages said that the proper response to someone who comes to kill you is to kill him first (Berakhos 58a). The same applies to someone trying to trick or cheat you. You may act with trickery to avoid his impending deception (Megillah 13b). But how far can you go?

    Rashi (Gen. 29:12) quotes the Midrash as explaining Ya’akov’s intentions regarding Lavan: “If he comes to trick me then I am his brother in trickery but if he is a good person then I am the son of Rivkah his sister.” The Brisker Rav inferred from the language “brother in trickery” that Ya’akov was saying that he will be Lavan’s equal. The level of deception will be equal to Lavan’s and not one bit more. Generalizing from this, we can say that you can go as far as your opponent but no more. You may not initiate a disproportionate response.

    However, R. Yitzchak Sorotzkin (Rinas Yitzchak, ad loc.) points out that the Targum Pseudo-Yonasan expands this verse in a way that is contrary to the Brisker Rav’s approach: “I [Ya’akov] am trickier and wiser than him [Lavan].” R. Sorotzkin explains that your boundary is not proportionalism of response but what is required to overcome your opponent’s deception. The measure of allowed trickery is not a matter of leveling the playing field by matching your opponent’s unsavory methods but defeating someone wicked who plays dirty.

    This is, however, dangerous territory. People involved in this type of engagement must be cautious because they can easily become so used to these forms of deception that they utilize them casually, even when unnecessary. However, failing to use them when necessary is equally dangerous. The wise consult with trusted advisors before adopting such tactics, delicately balancing the need to be clever with the danger of becoming devious.

  2. antimesira Says:

    It’s funny that exactly one year ago I was sitting at 320 Jay St. at the Shomrim Six trial, when Hershkop walked in saying that a mesira was made on his business and OSHA [ a Federal agency] came- how the world spins.

    There is a long history that goes with this story. Over 200 calls were made to 311 to The Buildings Department, NYPD, FDNY, Sanitation Department, OSHA, DEP and
    ACS (Child Services) On Mr. Hershkops business. ACS was called on three Hershkop brothers.

    The breaking point was when the Shomrim/Hershkop were in court and on a daily basis Mesira was being made.

    A private investigation was made and it was found that it was Shuchat that was making the calls. Shuchats family is Israel was contacted and he was nicely warned (as a Rov suggested be done before reporting), the mesira did not stop.

    Over $50.000 has been spent in fines and investigations.

    Shuchat is a Mosser. No mercy for Mossrim.
    The Sages said that the proper response to someone who comes to kill you is to kill him first (Berakhos 58a)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I feel very bad that the shomrim six didn’t rot in jail!!! You guys make a mesira, and turn him over to authorities, and then you scream moser? f–k shomrim!!!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      I would tell you to eat your heart out but that would imply that you have one.

      Last year this time you were glad, droll dripping down your mouth as the shomrim six trial was taking place. You had wet dreams of those shomrim volunteers being convicted and sent to a 15+ year jail sentence. Last year this time you were writing similar comments.

      WIS is not here to convince any of you mossrim, WIS is here to defeat and destroy you.

      Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

      Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

      You going crazy now, wait till the evidence comes out.

    • john doe Says:

      Write your name loser so that when Whoisshmira gets to you, we can all laugh at you. Looser. and when RAT shuchat is extradited and found guilty (as soon as the jury knows he ran..) ill visit him once a month to just laugh at him through the phone for every minute they let me be there.

  4. suprised Says:

    So everytime I spoke to aron and he told me someone called on his home. This is the guy?
    What a coward? And for what?

  5. mike Says:

    who calld the bulding dept on okonov’s

  6. To Whoisshimra Says:

    For your info, I don’t pick sides. I thought up until today that it was wrong what they did. but today I see the people that we’re dealing with.

  7. Shekereinloraglayim Says:

    Muslim Rat Prager Takes Off His Pants Again and Starts Crying

    The Muslim Mosser Mishichist Rat Yanky Prager has taken off his pants once again and is now writing comments on VIN…he is using the name Shekereinloraglayim

    Yanky the Rat Prager, what took you so long (9:37pm) to come in defense of one of your ho so wonderful puppets? Did it really take you over 12 hours to think of something nice to say? We know hate comes easy by you, but this time you are forced to say something nice, so you must have gotten confused.

    Cry Baby Cry !!!

  8. Shekereinloraglayim/ yanki prager Says:

    Yitzy Shuchat is a solid tzadik, who devotes his entire life to true Chesed, just like his father, a well known tzadik who passed away a few years ago yibodeil lechaim tovim vaaruchim. Yitzis only crime? being part of Shmira.

    Aaron Hershkop who has so much hatred towards the shmira organization will go any length to try and destroy them, the more Aaron hits Shmira the more they grow just like makas tzfardea in mitzraim.

    Shmira makes every significant arrest in Crown Heights, they are recognized, sanctioned and respected by the NYPD. and loved by the community, so as we see even with all the false accusations against Shmira and its members, they bloom and grow.

    It is truly shocking how Aron Hershkop has the Chutzpah to come out openly and brag about his messira something which he has been accused of for the past 12 years and denied. Thanks for the truth finally…

    Aaron Hershkop who claims to be “helping” the Jewish community in Crown Heights, has proven quiet the opposite, endangering the entire community by attempting to enrage the black community against the Jews and stoke the fire of racism, all this, just to further his personal agenda.

    Shame On You

    we need Moshiach now

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      you must know yitzi realy well, for you write such nice things about him. I am sure it wont suprize you when you are proven wrong? What are you going to say then? I know all Aron Heershkop, he don’t care for shmira, they are not his focus. Don’t try to shift the focus away from Yitzi Shuchat, who together with his shmira friends made over 200 complaint againts hershkop. wounder if you realy know whats going on.

  9. Prager thr losser Says:

    Yanky Prager writes:

    “the more Aaron hits Shmira the more they grow just like makas tzfardea in mitzraim.”

    Prager is known to be a big losser who uses other peoples lines.
    This phrase has been used by Gadi Hershkop for hundreds of years.

    I have even heard Prager say things that were written on WIS, as if he came up with the idea.

    When Prager was screaming at the Hershkops in front of 770, he was compeering them to the story of the ‘Flotilla’, this is something that only days before WIS posted about the Shmira.

    Every Phrase, slogan and even accusation that comes out of Prager mouth is something he stole from someone else.

    There is not one original idea that has ever come out of Yanky Prager Mouth/mind.

  10. Paul Pressley Says:

    I read where the Jew York Times called him a “White man.” JEWS ARE NOT WHITE!

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