Who Are The People Excusing and Justifying Mesira?


Yitzchok Shuchat has made over 200 complaints/Mesiras on Aron Hershkop alone.

Who in Crown Heights takes responsibility? Who gave Shuchat all the information? How did Shuchat know that a delivery of material was just dropped of at the Hershkop home?

All this and much much more to come…

ShmiraMesira Rats Putting foot in mouth

WIS notices the comments being written by Shmira Mesira gangsters on VIN regarding this matter,

WIS encourages all ShmiraMesira supporters to write as many hate filled comments as possible. Let it all out, now is your time to let your voice be heard.  Come on, WIS needs you to put your foot in your mouth, you doing a good job those far, keep it up, keep those comments coming.


Throughout the day WIS has been in e-mail conversations with individuals involved regarding the Shuchat Mesiras.

Hints of whats coming:

Over 200 complaints made (by 311  calls and/or e-mails) mostly from Shuchat. Other complaint from high ranking members of Shmira.

Complaint made to: The Department of Buildings, NYPD, FDNY, Sanitation Department, OSHA, DEP and ACS (Child Services) on Mr. Hershkops business and homes. ACS was called on three Hershkop brothers.

Who in Crown Heights was passing information on to Shuchat (how did Shuchat know that a delivery was just drooped of in front of Hershkops house?  etc…), whose taking responsibility for this. WIS knows this and soon you will as-well.

There are recordings of the calls by Shuchat and some other individuals (did they get you?).

Over $50.000 $100,000  was already spent on fines, lawyers, construction delays and investigations.

This and much more to be exposed in coming days.

15 Responses to “Who Are The People Excusing and Justifying Mesira?”

  1. Din Torah Says:

    Aron Hershkop claims that he offered Shuchats father in-law a Din Torah regarding this matter.

    Aron says he has it all on record.

    Aron said that he told Shuchats father in-law that he is ready and willing to come to Israel to have a Din Torah but first the other side (shuchats side) would have to put down (by the Beth Din) $50.000 as insurance. Basically if Hershkops proves his case there will be money to pay, otherwise why go to Israel and waste more time and money. The offer was denied.

    Shuchat and his so called people (who probably were helping him with the Mesiras), falsely claims that Hershkop massered him three years ago. Why not take Hershkops offer for a Din Torah and each side will make their case, show their evidence and get the truth out?

    BTW, very interesting question, how did Shuchat know all the way from Israel what was happening in Brooklyn, NY on East New York Ave.? Someone or someones must have been giving him information.

  2. john doe Says:

    Most comments on vin are pro bringing RAT shuchat back to face justice, it’s obviously only one loser writing the negative anti-Hershkop/Shomrim comments, all their hundreds of members and supporters and only one guy to post anti Hershkop/Shomrim comments….And to those who “feels bad for RAT shuchat, GO ask Aron Hershkop for his address in Isreal where you can send him a CHECK, In fact i’m even sure that Mr. hershkop would pay for the envelope and stamp and forward it for you.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Hells, I’ll pay for his ticket back.

      What happened to all the excitement about letting the justice system doing it’s thing, last year this time, these Mishichist Shmira Mosrim (MSM) were all excited about “letting the jury decide” and “if innocent theres nothing to worry about”, come on guys, you changed your attitude, why what happened over this past year?

      Remember this?…in case you forgot, Ill take the liberty of reminding you…please read these justification of mesira. Remember those comments you wrote a year ago? I do!
      Hooligans Assualt Bochurim in 749

      Assaulted Bochurim Speak Out

      Shomrim Members Face Jail Time

  3. To Din Torah Says:

    You’re a total dumbass. Why should Shucat give money down that he almost definatly does not have; because of a fuckhead name hershkop?. Also, I think in your last question is your answer: he has no idea what’s going on in Brooklyn, and Herskop made up the story.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      There is nothing i can intellectually say in responds to your comment.

      What I will tell you is.
      I can see your IP address, I see that you wrote two separate comments 4 minutes from each other, in each one you are pretending to be someone else.
      I also have comments you wrote in the past, like the very nice one you wrote about Rabbi Bogomilsky (it had the work F–k in it).

      Again, I would tell you to eat your heart out but that would imply you have one.

  4. Shekereinloraglayim Says:

    Muslim Rat Prager Takes Off His Pants Again and Starts Crying

    The Muslim Mosser Mishichist Rat Yanky Prager has taken off his pants once again and is now writing comments on VIN…he is using the name Shekereinloraglayim

    Yanky the Rat Prager, what took you so long (9:37pm) to come in defense of one of your ho so wonderful puppets? Did it really take you over 12 hours to think of something nice to say? We know hate comes easy by you, but this time you are forced to say something nice, so you must have gotten confused.

    Cry Baby Cry !!!

  5. Where was Prager all day? Says:

    It took Prager over 12 hours to defend his “friend” because he was upstate all day, he was upstate all day because he has property up there, I’ll send WIS the addresses.

  6. Where was Hubner these last 24 hours ? Says:

    VIN: Comment 28 Today at 11:12 AM is The Mosser Paul Huebner.

    NYlawyer Says:

    1.) If one is charged with a crime does it mean they are guilty? Answer: No

    2.) Did a Rov gave Aron Hershkop a heter to “inform” the authorities? Answer: No

    3.) What does the trial of the “Six” have to do with this matter? Answer Nothing.

    4.) How come the newspaper artcile only quotes people in favor of Shuchat’s arrest and extradition? Answer: See Below.

    The newspaper article has all the signs of a hatchet job.

    Remember Remember Don’t Forget!

  7. me Says:

    How long has it been known to Hershkop that Shuchat/Shmira is doing the Messiras?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      WIS was informed that evidence against Shuchat was attained over a year ago. WIS was informed that there are recordings of others -from shmira and beyond- who were bused doing these Messiras.

  8. john doe Says:

    When are we going to see the evidence, i’ve beeen hearing some serious rumors that the private investigator has done a crazy job and there’s a shitload of evidence to the messiras commited againts the Hershkops by RAT shahid shuchat and co, and I write “shahid” because the shmira/jihad info messianist mossrim don’t give two and a half shits about shuchat, they are all dancing with joy at the prospect of being able to say that the Hershkops have stooped to their level and now they can call them “mossrim” too.

  9. GAME OVER!!! Says:




  10. G.L. Says:

    “Who in Crown Heights takes responsibility? Who gave Shuchat all the information? How did Shuchat know that a delivery of material was just dropped of at the Hershkop home?”

    It’s as obvious as the sun comes up each morning, someone in Crown Heights was telling him what to call on.

    The Shmira Mesira car has been seen driving back and forth on East New York and Brooklyn Ave. many times on a daily basis.

  11. another me Says:

    “WIS was informed that evidence against Shuchat was attained over a year ago. WIS was informed that there are recordings of others -from shmira and beyond- who were bused doing these Messiras.”

    Are you saying that when Yanky Prager was yelling and screaming like a maniac at the Hershkops in front of 770 -the day of the Vaad elections-, the Hershkops already knew that it was Shuchat/Shmira that was doing the Mesira?

    Man that explains a lot as to why they were so calm and smiling the whole time.

    Can we see that video you took of Prager ranting and crying now?

    Now would be the perfect time to release it.

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