the face of the devil

the face of the devil

do you want to know who this is?


6 Responses to “THE FACE OF THE SATAN [devil]”

  1. Levi Says:

    Please if you attack somone ok! but please don’t attack familly members. it’s not mature and not right, thanks.

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    levi, go fuck yourself.

    i will tell you wats not mature, me cursing. wanna know what else isnt mature? mosering on 7 shomrim members. he opend the can of worms, there will be pictures of everyone posted. his wife, sons, everyone.

    and boy do i have storys to go with each picture!

  3. not so impressed Says:

    who is this guy?

  4. Levi Says:

    Whoisshmira, let’s bring an example from politcs, even when it gets dirty nobody is gonna attack a presidnts dughter etc. you have an issue with the guy bring it on. I’m sure you have friends that have family members who are not your style, but are you gonna judge your freinds based on someone in their family!!

  5. hmm Says:

    no i dont know who he is whats the basterds name

  6. Zevi L Says:

    ill tell you all what his name is, his name is SETON and he married paul huebners whore of a daughter, that same girl that you can catch turning tricks on the corner of winthrop and nostrand. TWENY BUX FOR A BLOW JOB!

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