Yaakov Young

Yacov Young

Yaakov Young

20 Responses to “Yaakov Young”

  1. Mendy W. Says:

    an avraham fried impersonator who sings well but if he massers on yidden he should be hung from a tree by his dick

  2. emes Says:

    Why put his pic up?
    he is a good guy that has nothing to do with the polotics other tahn being in the group.

  3. rat Says:

    looks like a rat and sings like a rat.

  4. john doe Says:

    ive never seen this guy before, i didnt even know he was shmira messira, thank you editor for keeping us updated to the rats that reside in our trash. does he sing? does he sound as shitty as he looks? i dont know him personally but being that hes associated with rats and criminals hes guilty in my book, may g-d make him deaf and mute whithin 24 hours if he doesnt dissasociate himself from the moisrem rats stern, prager, skoblo, and huebener the ultimate moisser.

  5. shrink Says:

    shmira messira, is that like moiser nefesh, to put your life on the line to0 save another yid? thats a good thing, isnt it? so you praising or bashing?

  6. to shrink Says:

    shrink are you dyslexic?

  7. to rat Says:

    hes a chassidisher moisser

  8. EWWW Says:


  9. I NEED Says:


  10. Dave Tolashki Says:


    mosser mosser mosser mosser mosser mosser mosser mosser

  11. gingy Says:

    rumor has it this guy is a homosexual, not that i have a problem with that, but i heard from someone that when this guy was younger he would chase after boys. his wife probably doesn’t know so nobody tell her as it can probably ruin his marriage.

  12. antimesira Says:

    shmira messira, means that they are moiser nefesh v’gofe (body and soul) of OTHER Jews.
    To say that they them selves are moiser nefesh would be a lie, for how can a person with out a soul give it over. (How do I dare say such a thing? Just look at the way they behave, totally disregarding yours and mine safety.
    If a person can sit in his car for 6 to 7 days straight (24/7 even on Shabbos) and make all types of noises and tones on the shomrim radio (or any radio) he must be lacking his Nefesh (soul).
    Anybody who can say that he is a friend of this person is just as guilty (of association), especially when they know he was doing it and did not stop him).

    For some one with a carrier Mr. young you did a very foolish thing.

  13. john doe Says:

    so typical of
    of shmira hooligans this ganev sponsored himself in a chosson package for a chinese auction,the deal was whoever wins the chosson package would have yaacov young sing at their wedding, well, yackov young is a ganev and a mosser, when the person that won the package came to claim the prize, yaakov ha’mosser young decided to renege on his obligation claiming that the package didnt mean this and didnt mean that and he went on to try to scam the family to pay full price for the wedding now who would want this sqeaky singer with a girls voice to sing at their wedding anyway? the family had their wedding without yaacov young singing, yaacov young typical shmira messira chazzer & ganev

  14. dissing matisyahu Says:

    yaacov young overheard in conversation bad mouthing matisyahu, claiming matisyahu to be a goyish singer and a bad influence on religious kids. young thinks he can sing and matisyahu sings but matisyahu is world famous and young will always be nothing. so being that jelousy is the core foundation of the shmira messira moisser ganev patrol yaakov young is jealous of matisyahu for the fame he will naver have

  15. u r the biggest loosers on the face of this earth Says:

    how can this website excite u guys i thinks its disgusting how one jew can go and humiliate another this website should be band the ppl who run it should get a life and for the record he happens to have a very talented voice so watch your mouth

  16. moed Says:

    you guys are real funny i think you should start a tv show, to help pay shomrims bills, cuz i sure aint helping!!!!

  17. Vigilantes Says:

    to moed Says:
    yes your right are you willing to help shmira rally does need the money they didn’t collect enough this year due to people knowing who they really are they are down to 10,000 a year OH NO they need much more than that they have 100 said yossi stern volunteers,,, with fameilys to feed and they are so busy helping out the CH that they have no time to work DEAR FREINDS OF THE CH please give us SHMIRA money we need to put bread on our tables WE work for you PLEASE pay us!!!

  18. Vigilantes Says:

    Yaakov Young i am going to fuck you!!!

  19. Proud Jew Says:

    I have a serious problem with this Yaakov Young. He is so jealous of Matisyahu. He is not in the same league as Matisyahu. I have no choice but to reveal this personal information about Yaakov Young. (it can be confirmed).
    He had one testacle removed about ten years ago…this is why he sings in such a high pitch…it has to do with hormones.. the remaining testacle is living on borrowed time….if he continues to hang out with the mosrim, his other testacle IS GOING to be removed!!

  20. larry Says:

    I just happened upon this site. I am sadened & quite shocked at the low level of postings contained herein, spreading unthruths about this person, his actions, his non-existant physical problems, etc. I am in a position to know him and nothing written as to sexual deviency, physical problems are true. It seems hatred of a group has taken over good sense and truth. You may like him or dislike him, for his personallity but it remains true that the man has an extraordinary voice, copies nobody’s style and volinteers for an organization (imperfect as it may be) that at it’s root is for the betterment of the community. Imperfect as he may be, he does not come close to the low level displayed by many of those who have posested her. The scum I read here is beyond disgusting and I cannot help but wonder what is happening in that community of yours which at one time occupied itself trying to emulate Rebbe’s pristine soul. I feel bad for Yacov and his family, and most of all for many of you, shame! Please do not bother to reply as I will certainly not make the same mistake of reading postings to this site.

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