Shmuli Kozlovsky

Shmira Unit: 47


8 Years ago Kozlovkys father was driving two of his kids to school in Israel and after dropping the boy off he continued his way to the girls school and was involved in a fatal single car crash which killed both the father and the girl.

Sad as the story is, the investigation concluded that the only way for the accident to happen was for the driver to intentionally cause it. There were no faults with the car and the driver wasn’t impaired by any drugs or alcohol.

It was always common knowlage that the father was a depressed and miserable soul, and what everyone knew, that he killed himself and his daughter, was never spoken out loud.

2 Responses to “Shmuli Kozlovsky”

  1. JACK Says:

    no pic what a shame

  2. Asher Says:

    what a shame he hed a nice father but he is a ganev and gay.

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