Moshe Betesh

Moshe Betesh

Moshe Betesh

Drives around in his BMW 5-Series with lights and sirens.

10 Responses to “Moshe Betesh”

  1. JACK Says:

    no pic what a shame

  2. will smith Says:

    yo fuck ull got nothin to do but talk shit about this man he saved my life so fuck ull its tru this is my nigga…

  3. to will smith Says:

    i know you and i know you where never helpt by this ASS hole so dont bull shit me cuz you love the guy!

  4. Zevi L Says:

    this little fucker looks like the dr jacked up his prozac intake and is about just commit suicide. not a bad idea i think.

  5. fuck all u haters Says:

    listen to all u ppl who think they know this man, he neever did anything wrong to none aight u talk shit bout this person again how bout u come forth and it to me then we will see who has the last laugh


    this guy is a little slow but fits shmira perfectly

  7. will smith Says:

    hey the last guy is rite hes a good guy and he did nothing wrong
    and besides the fact that we are all jewish people so just stop this crap

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:

    this guy might be a good guy but hes bad for joining that shit gang shmira!

  10. fernando Says:

    u look so fuck ugly in this pic ,trying to take another 1 more better

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