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Flashback: Zaki Tamir 1st Post Election Interview

November 4, 2014

Crown Heights- flashback- zaki tamir

Could you believe it’s been five whole years since those “historic elections” *. When was the last time we heard anything from Zaki Tamir regarding the CHJCC? What has Zaki Tamir been doing these past five years?




Flashback: Attempted Hijacking of Shomrim Phone Number

October 26, 2014

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Some Background: 1996, before the brake off, on the advice from a Williamsburg Shomrim Coordinator who pointed out that “Shmira’ is for dead people“, the Shmira organization changed it’s name to ‘Shomrim‘.

January 1999, as a result of a robbery on a Gemach in Canada (read all about that by clicking here), a vote was held (amongst all the members) and as a result, a few members involved in the robbery were thrown out of the Shomrim organization.


Flashback: Shmira Hate Mail

July 29, 2014

Crown Heights- flashback- hat mail-shmira

December 1999: Crown Heights Shmira Patrol an umbrella organization of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. aka Vaad Hakohol, using official CHJCC envelopes (and funds), sent out hate mail against Shomrim, to the entire Crown Heights community.

Shmira was founded by Chanina Sperlin and the CHJCC cabal for the sole purpose of fighting Shomrim. The sole purpose of this fight was in order to create a distraction away from the corruption that was taking place at the CHJCC.


Flash Back 1996: 12 Buses With Hundreds Of Children Head to Machne Menachem

May 6, 2014


Summer 0f 1996, 12 [full] buses pulled out of Crown Heights heading towards Machne Menachem. That year the Machne Menachem which was located at,  445 Mast Hope Plank Road, Lackawaxen, PA, 18435 hosted 500 campers and 200 staff.

The streets of Crown Heights were literately desolate of Children.

Machne menachem (2) (more…)

Flashback: Crown Heights Polarized Over Council Election

February 20, 2013

Crown Heights- flashback- flash forward

Henry, Marilyn. Jerusalem Post December 11, 1994

A VOTE for the leaders of a local Jewish community board in Brooklyn became a “holy war” last month.

Despite the heated religious rhetoric and occasional references to the moshiach, this was – in theory – the most prosaic of elections, for the directors of a secular agency that serves the small neighborhood of Crown Heights, which is also the headquarters of the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch movement.


Flashback: Tsuris in Crown Heights

June 29, 2012

Cityside- Jeffrey Goldberg
December 12, 1994

The Lubavitchers  just held a stunningly acrimonious election to pick political leaders.The Repercussions may reach City Hall.

NOTHING EVER GOES DOWN smoothly in Crown Heights, so it stands to reason that on the day the Lubavitcher Hasidim are choosing their communal leaders, the place would he crawling with cops. But even by local standards, this election for the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council is a bit absurd.