749 Squatters Camp Out on 770 Floor


749 Squatters Camp Out on 770 Floor

[CHI] Mispallelim who arrived in 770 this morning to Daven Shachris were shocked at the sight that met their eyes – over a dozen bochurim sleeping on the floor of the main Shul of 770, in protest of the Hanhalah of 770’s refusal to restore electricity to the 749 Eastern Parkway dormitory.

The electricity in the infamously lawless dormitory was shut off by Con-Edison last night, after the Yeshiva stopped paying the electric bill, following months of violence perpetrated against fellow students and threats against members of the administration by those ‘running’ the dormitory.

In addition to those who camped out on the Shul floor, other intimidation tactics were used against the Hanhalah by the dormitory’s residents, including forged letters printed on the yeshiva’s official stationary listing each Hanhalah member’s home address and phone number and ‘authorizing’ the students to stay in their homes (see below).




Interesting that the same people who don’t recognize the Yeshiva Hanhala for years, all of a sudden know who they are.

marketing wrote:

I was in 770 there was only about twelve of them in total sleeping there yet they decided to block the doors to the main entrance way all to generate hype, think of it, of 100, only 12 did it.

Losers!!! Had they had some Ahavas Yisroel and allowed others (non-Meshichistim/Chabadniks) who don’t think like them, to stay there in peace, they could have been there for ever, without anybody protesting. This is what happens when you allow baseless hate and power get to your head. This is what happens when having ‘most’, is not good enough and you need to have’ everything. You end up with nothing!

It is my hope that the Yeshiva administration won’t cower to this propaganda. Fingers crossed.

Warning! If there will be a “hero” who will rescue these idiots, he will be made a zero!

Enough supporting terrorist!

One Response to “749 Squatters Camp Out on 770 Floor”

  1. jewish Says:

    fingers crossed. hello?

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