Good News: ConEd Shuts Off Electricity To Meshichist Terror Hub 749


lights out- 749December 14, 2015

After months of not paying the electric bill,  Con Edison finally shut off  all electricity to 749 Eastern Parkway. 749 is known to the Crown Heights community as a hub for Meshichist Terrorist.

The students occupying 749 currently have a generator operating in the basement for  the illegal Mikvah.

Word is that the students will attempt to connect the electricity cables by themselves. This won’t be so far fetched. If you are a witness to this, please Call 911 or 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633). Attempting to reconnect the cables by themselves is a danger to them and will most probably mess things up for the entire area.

This is only a start. See bottom of this post for more violations taking place at 749.

Con Edison-749 eastern parkway

ConEd workers shutting off all Electricity to 749 this morning

ConEd workers shutting off all Electricity to 749 this morning

749 eastern parkway -coned (2)

749 eastern parkway -coned (3)The following was sent in  by a concerned neighbor, who apparently has been complaining for years about the situation at 749:

Due to the fact that the public information regarding the dormitory located at ‘749 Eastern Parkway’ can be found only on the Department of Buildings (DOB) website, I can only base my case on DOB information, despite knowing for certain that many other city agencies have issued countless more safety violations against this premises.

I was made aware that there are numerous complains, violations and summonses issued from various government agencies regarding ‘749 Eastern Parkway’, which includes Fire Department of New York and Department of Health.

Department of Buildings Reports (as of December 14, 2015):
Total: 72  Open: 0
Violations- DOB
Total:  56 Open: 48
Violations-ECB (DOB)
Total: 89 Open: 85

1) Currently, there exists just about a million dollars (!!!) in penalties and/or fines on this property (and these fines are only from Department of Building and the Environmental Control Board violations alone).

2) No representation on part of property owners for court hearings regarding violations, those resulting in default judgments.

3) Most violations are a result of ‘Failure to comply’ (time and time again) and correct these obvious safety hazards.

The following are some examples of violations found by city inspectors. Violations which have not yet been corrected until this day:

1) Illegal Conversion (Illegally subdivided) – No proper Certificate of Occupancy.

Rooms or apartments are being rented out to non-students as Single Room Occupancy hotels.

2) Obscured exits: Windows and doors blocked with either books or furniture. (Fire hazard)

3) Improper electrical wiring throughout the building (fire hazard). Residents have arranged their own wiring throughout the building and private rooms.

4) No responsibly, no representation – No one is in-charge; students/residents do as they please; the place is a free for all. Anybody can build and destroy without permission or supervision. The Yeshiva Administration (the actual owners of the building) have no control over what takes place in that building.

5) The rooms are currently overcrowded. There is no accountability of whose staying at the dorm. People come and go as they please. [Need a place to stay for a few days? Bring a mattress and stay at 749].

6) The Yeshiva administrators let non-students (working individuals) stay at the dorm all the while they made a profit (from kickbacks). The administrators close a blind eye to all the above for it will (a) cost them money to fix (b) they can make a few extra dollars from non-students who are willing to pay for a bed.

7) Important to Note: many of these working individuals are here in the USA on student visas which the yeshiva provides them with. These so called students never spent a day in the study hall. The yeshiva does not care as they make money of the visas (they charge these so called students for these visas).

8) In general the building is a mess:

a) There are air-conditioner systems not properly installed.
b) There are broken windows.
c) In the winter the students have their own space heaters, which they leave on with no supervision, and as a result in March,

2010 a fire did indeed brake out, where an entire room was burnt to a crisp (see for story and photos). Only by miracles no one was killed in that incident.

d) The roof is filthy with beer bottles and other litter. Recently I was told that there was a garbage bag of rotting chicken on the roof.

e) a large lighted advertisement sign was installed on the front exterior of the building without permits.

f) There are bugs and rodents roaming the dorm as if they are residents of the dorm. Bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, rats and droppings all over. The yeshiva does not provide an exterminator to inspect the dorm and toilets don’t get cleaned.

“The Office of Pest Control performed an initial inspection on May 1, 2013. The inspection revealed several rat fecal droppings on the ground at the front right exterior of the building, plastic bags of refuse on the ground at the front left exterior, rat burrows, scattered garbage, recyclable materials, and plastic bags of refuse at the rear exterior of the building. There were rat droppings and structural holes with rodent rub marks on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor public areas near the refuse containers. These conditions are in violation of the New York City Health Code pertaining to rodent control. A warning letter will be prepared and issued to the owner.”

9) Empty fire extinguisher or no fire extinguisher on some floors. No Smoke detectors or outdated and some not working at all.

10) Illegal Mikva [ritual bathing house] built in the basement of building. DOB permits were awarded to non-owners who lied to obtain documents… On January of 2013 revolving turnstiles were installed without a permits.

11) There is no fire insurance on the property.

If god forbid a tragedy does occur and someone dies as result, responsibility would lie squarely on the shoulders of the City of New York, its Department of Buildings, the Fire Department and all other safety and regulatory agencies for not employing any enforcement as to the conditions that THEY have observed. 749 is a ticking time bomb!

It’s astounding that 749 Eastern Parkway is still occupied (and not shut down). Any other resident or business with these many violations would have been shut down by the city ages ago, yet, by some miracle 749 Eastern Parkway is still open for business as usual.


One Response to “Good News: ConEd Shuts Off Electricity To Meshichist Terror Hub 749”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    ConEdison workers cut the electricity Monday morning to 749 Eastern Parkway, the Yeshiva dorm infamous for lawlessness and total lack of oversight.

    The move comes after the Yeshiva stopped paying the electric bill following months of violence perpetrated against Yeshiva students and threats against members of the administration.

    749 serves as a haven for a large number of former students, whom either graduated and refuse to leave or those who were expelled and thrown out of the 1414 President Street dorm that seek free room and board at 749.

    For over twenty years Yeshiva administration turned a blind eye to the goings and comings in the building, allowing the rampant lawlessness to run wild to the point where an exasperated community no longer believes anything would change.

    “The absurdity is that the Yeshiva is forced to rent out basements and apartments for deserving students since 1414 simply does not have enough space” said a source in the Yeshiva administration.

    749 houses approximately 100 people, the majority of whom the Yeshiva administration says are not enrolled in the Yeshiva.

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