5th Arrest Following Robbery and Beating of Yeshiva Student

Shabbot Nehoray

Nehoray Shabbot  is the fifth suspect arrested for 749 violence

יש דין ויש דיין - -

Play time is over!

NYP: ‘You homo’: Hasid charged in assault of cross-dressing Howard Stern guest

A cross-dresser known for his guest appearances on “The Howard Stern Show” was beaten up in a hate crime, police sources said Sunday.

Elliot Offen, known to Stern fans as “Elegant Elliot,” was outside a Brooklyn synagogue on Eastern Parkway at around 11 p.m. Saturday when a young Hasidic man began chasing him, the sources said.

“You homo, I’m going to cut off your schmeckle!” Nehoray Shabbot, 20, allegedly shouted, using a Yiddish profanity for penis, according to police sources.

Police charged Shabbot on Saturday night with assault as a hate crime and aggravated assault as a hate crime.

The charges include allegations from Sept. 12 that Shabbot punched and kicked Offen, calling him homophobic names in Yiddish, outside Chabad Lubavitch headquarters on Eastern Parkway, police said.

Nehoray Shabbot first arrestNehoray Shabbot first arrest chargesShabbot Nehoray-second arrestShabbot Nehoray-second arrest-chargesShabbot Nehoray- third arrestShabbot Nehoray- third arrest-charges


One Response to “5th Arrest Following Robbery and Beating of Yeshiva Student”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Bail was paid by Moshe Rubashkin for this terrorist as well!

    Shame shame shame!!!!

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