It’s 2016 Meshichistim Still Posting Mikvah News



Where are the actual [Full] transcripts of this testimony?

How does any news outlet with any standards publish such a piece without posting evidence to back up what is being said?

Oh wait, never mind, Meshichistim don’t have any standards.

And here I was thinking that after all these years of actually posting evidence on CHLEAKS.COM, that perhaps standards were brought up a bit. I guess I was wrong, some people, low information people, still rely on Mikvah news.

3 Responses to “It’s 2016 Meshichistim Still Posting Mikvah News”

  1. moshe Says:

    It’s called ‘insulting intelligence’.

    oh wait, never mind, Meshichist don’t have intelligence.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    go rabbi groner all the stuff that he does is amazing

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