No Tools No Experience Just Smash


collive-shmira-mesiraRegarding: Volunteers Smash Car Window For Infant Left in Car

The organizations received an urgent call on Wednesday from a parent that their baby accidentally got locked in the car, after the keys dropped while they were strapping them into the car seat and the car automatically locked.

Doesn’t this so called organization have “hundreds” of volunteers? Surly someone from these hundred must have a lockout kid and surly with such an urgent emergency that person would have made himself available.

Despite the heat and the situation, FDNY still could not understand why it was necessary to endanger the child by smashing the window, when someone with a lockout kid could have opened that door within two minutes or less.

I have seen several times scenes of children locked in [hot] cars and homes and I have seen what happens when experienced, professional volunteers show up to the scene. I’ll tell you this, there isn’t any smashing and damage. You want damage? My 2 year old could also cause damage.

This event should be a lesson to all. Don’t call children to do a job meant for adults!

Thank you for teaching us this lesson.


Exit Question: This “Jewish assistance organizations, Crown Heights Shmira patrol” (New name? Re-branding?). Where have they been these past 12 months and the 12 months before and before etc…etc…?

Oh wait, it’s Tishri time, they only come out for show and tell every Tishri.

3 Responses to “No Tools No Experience Just Smash”

  1. CHER Says:

    The absolutely right thing for this organization to do at this point, is to reimburse this lady. They for no reason at all, broke the most expensive window on the vehicle and this before yom tov.

  2. Zev Says:

    There is a real Chesed organization that’s not all about show and tell, that has real experience and whom respond to child locked in a vehicle in less than 90 seconds. When they show up, they get your vehicle safely and damage free in less than two minutes.

    I know the mother that called the experience phonies and she really did not know there was a difference and that’s why she called the phonies.

    She says that she was near the vehicle the whole time (its not like she remembered after several minutes that she c”v forgot her child in the car) and the child was not in inmate. she assumed by calling this organization they would safely and securely, without damage get the doors open.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    non existing group of losers called “crown heights shmira”

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