Dov Hikind Stay Out Of Crown Heights!!!


Dov Hikind-chanina sperlin-hypcocrite-yitzchak shuchat-crown heights shmira-mesirah-corruption-fraud
Dov Hikind Backs Geoffrey Davis

Who elected [red in the face] Dov Hikind to represent Crown Heights? Who keeps bringing him to Crown Heights and why?

Dov Hikind represents the people from Assembly District 48, not the people of Crown Heights.

Dov Hikind is a lair and hypocrite and a friend to the corrupt cabal of Mossrim from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.

Dov Hikind go home, we do not need nor want you in Crown Heights!!!.

Hikind has used Crown Heights his entire career He should be banned

Dov Hikind has taken advantage of the Crown Heights community his entire political career. He has selfishly come to our neighborhood to benefit his own political stance. If the community Council is backing him it should be made clear to him that coming to our community and promoting another candidate is NOT acceptable

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A Picture Is worth a thousand words.

[L/R] The Mosser Paul Huebner, Geoffrey Davis and Dov Hikind

[L/R] The Mosser Paul Huebner, Geoffrey Davis and Dov Hikind

2 Responses to “Dov Hikind Stay Out Of Crown Heights!!!”

  1. Don't be a Traitor !!! Says:

    Anybody from the Crown Heights Jewish community who goes out of his way to vote for anyone other then Menachem Raitport, is a traitor to his/her people!

  2. hiking lost my respect 2 years ago Says:

    Hiking is still trying to clean his face I mean a$$ from what he did two years ago on Purim, to me it’s not the actual thing that he did that bothers me but it shows his lack of good judgment

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