Neo-Nazis And Meshichist Mossrim Unite To Destroy Shomrim/Jewish People


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Regarding:  Neo-Nazis Plan Rally in Stamford Hill, London

It wasn’t the neo-nazis, who only five years ago, attempted to exterminate myself and five of my Shomrim brothers and friends, by attempting to have us locked up for 15 plus years in a violent prison, made for the worse of our society.

It was “fellow Jews”, Mossrim from Crown Heights, who organized and orchestrated the whole blood libel.

So as a Shomrim member (and a Jew), the biggest threat to my existence, was so called Jews!

This is just a unfortunate fact of life.

So before you get outraged about the antisemitism that has been rising around the world, before asking, what it is you can do to combat this rise of antisemitism, take a close look at your own community, and ask, how is it that I allowed such a blood libel to take place right under my nose, what did I do to stop it?

So whats worse, Mesira or Antisemitism?

To find this answer, read, The Mossier: The Enemy Within



2 Responses to “Neo-Nazis And Meshichist Mossrim Unite To Destroy Shomrim/Jewish People”

  1. disgusted Says:

    I’m sorry but so long as you keep disgustingly hush hush about the Levi Shemtov – yudi Steiner issue, and dont come against Levi Shemtov as being a first degree Mosser, I dont believe one word anymore of your revolting, biased website. I won’t be surprised if the reason for your silence is A. Levi Shemtov bribed you to keep quiet, or B. Ha ha ha, Levi Shemtov isn’t a meshichist, therefore you have nothing against him, AF Al pi that he did MESIRAH!
    Shame upon you.

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