Crazy Is Not An Excuse



“It was almost inevitable that the furor against police officers that’s been whipped up over the Brown and Garner deaths would end in some person or persons deciding that killing a cop would be just the thing. Whether Brinsley was crazy or not—and he may have been—and a lone wolf or not, even crazy people can be sparked to violence by an atmosphere of orchestrated hatred.(legal

Crazy is no excuse for violence and murder.

How many times have we – in Crown Heights- heard this excuse “ho, never mind him, he’s just crazy”.

We heard this recently, by the stabbing attack on 770 and we have heard this almost every-time there was Meshichist violence in these past 20 years.

If the reason why a person would be violent (by hitting or killing) was because of craziness, unfortunately we would have many more incidents of violence attacks, unfortunately there are many crazy people out there.

As I pointed out in a previous post…

Crazy people do things  like pulling off their clothing and streaking through times square.


One Response to “Crazy Is Not An Excuse”

  1. CHER Says:

    A better way to explain….

    A crazy person that snaps, will hurt the people in his immediate surroundings.

    However, when you have a pinpoint (planned) attack, it’s more then just the craziness. The craziness is only one small element.

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