Meshichist Mossrim Failed Caliphate


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What was the agenda of the corrupt cabal of Crown Heights behind the Shomrim Six blood libel, followed shortly after by the Zablo Din Torah?

The agenda was to build up the once oh so powerful Caliphate the cabal once had.

This Caliphate was in the form of the Crown Heights Beth Din, which was used as a tool to intimidate and harass individuals or groups who would not conform to the cabals wishes.

With their Caliphate, they were able to control all aspects of our lives. It made no difference whether you were involved in community matters or not. If you lived in Crown Heights and sent your children to any of the schools or camps in Crown Heights, you would be effected, directly or indirectly, by the cabals dictatorship. If you were trying to do something good (to help others) and the cabal didn’t approve, they would shut you down.

With their Caliphate the cabal had it in their power to character assassinate, who they wanted, when they wanted, for whatever reason they wanted. You were made an enemy of the Caliphate and no action against you was off the table. There was intimidation, harassment, threats, acts of violence, lawsuits, Mesira and propaganda (signed letters from the puppet Beth Din and the “elders” of Crown Heights).

We now know, (thanks to CHLEAKS), that all these so called “enemies” the cabal created throughout the years, were only distraction. Distractions meant to keep us from noticing that the cabal was not actually doing anything productive and in fact just stealing the monies allocated to the community to assist those in need of assistance.

After many years of not having their Caliphate (as a result of their own destructive actions against each other), in 2008 with the orchestration of the Shomrim Six Mesira/Blood Libel, they saw an opportunity to rebuild their once powerful Caliphate.

Once they would succeed in locking up the Shomrim/Hershkops, nothing would get in their way. Not that Shomrim/Hershkop ever bothered them, it’s that everybody else would be to afraid and intimidated to stand up to them. They themselves would be walking around, threatening people that they better shut up and get in line or end up in jail like the Shomrim/Hershkops. They were already doing this  from 2008 (the arrest of the Shomrim Six) until 2010 (the trial).

In other words, with people being in total fear of them, they would have had complete control of anything, with zero opposition.

The Shomrim Six blood libel was plan number one and thank G-d almighty that failed, not only failed but backfired in a major way.

Plan number two, was that distraction now known as the “Zablo Din Torah”, and the so called elections that followed. That to – thank G-d almighty- failed miserably in giving the Cabal what they desired.

Fast forward five years later, to 5755/2015, there is absolutely, positively, no snowball’s chance in hell that the Cabal will ever, ever be able to create their Caliphate. Those days are long gone. (Explained why in the comments bellow).

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One Response to “Meshichist Mossrim Failed Caliphate”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Fast forward five years later, to 5755/2015, there is absolutely, positively, no snowball’s chance in hell that the Cabal will ever, ever be able to create their Caliphate. Those days are long gone.


    1) Nobody cares and desires for this structure.There is nothing this system can do to improve anybodies life.

    2) The history of this “Beth Din” is one of intimidation, harassment, threats, acts of violence, lawsuits, Mesira and propaganda, as mentioned above.

    The cabal can’t point to the past and say, “oh, those good old days”. They have a flawed history.

    Most importunately, we don’t TRUST them. It take a lot to gain trust. The whole structure of their Caliphate is based on lies and deception.

    3) The same individuals who were behind the intimidation, harassment, threats, acts of violence, lawsuits, Mesira and propaganda, in the past, are the same individuals attempting to create this phony structure.

    4) With the new media, the people are more informed. There was a time that the cabal controlled the information flow. Information is power. You don’t control the information, you don’t have power.

    Two of the Shomrim Six are the administration of, one of the goals, was to shut down any opposition in information flow. Lock up Ben L. and Zalman P. and you shut down CH.Info.

    5) 770 Eastern Pkwy, was once the main Shul in Crown Heights, with a good majority of residents praying there. Every local Shul would have a few individuals who would go to 770, more often then not. Today, people stay in their local shul.

    Those days when people did venture out to 770, and 770 was and is currently controlled by the cabal, the people came back with reports of the latest propaganda or attack against this individual or group etc… In this way, they cabal had control over information flow.

    Now that the people don’t venture out to 770, if something (political) takes place in 770 these days, its like the famous question of, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

    6) When we do come across any propaganda from the cabal, we simply discard it. We just don’t care.

    7) We (CHLEAKS and Co.), are not the previous generation of suckers who got slapped and just turned the other cheek.

    The attitude of the older generation when dealing with (fighting back in defense) the cabal was, “מיר זענען בעסער מענטשן”,- “We are better people”.

    The new generation has the [right] attitude of, yes, מיר זענען בעסער מענטשן, whatever they do against us [to harm] us, we will do better back to them. After all “we are the BETTER people”.

    No more are we going to be gladiators, fighting in THEIR arena for THEIR entertainment/distractions. We don’t play by their rules anymore.

    8) Like mentioned above, nobody is interested in the product they offer. People don’t invest in products they don’t care about.

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