Exclusive Breaking News: Arrest Made At Aliya Institute


Moishe Feiglin-Aliya Institute-crown heights-meth lab-arrest-drugs

Tuesday, November 11, 2014,   NYPD found some high power rifles and a meth lab in the basement of The Aliya Institute, which is located at 525-527 E New York Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11225.

One arrest has been made so far.

Crownheights.info reports:

Assault Rifles and Drugs Found in Aliyah Storage Area

A 911 call for ‘possible weapons’ inside of the building of the Aliya Institute lead police to discover a number of firearms, including an assault rifle, a hunting rifle and a pellet gun, as well as a large quantity of drugs.

The incident began unfolding at around 4:30pm Tuesday afternoon in the Aliyah Institute, at 525-527 E. New York Ave. in Crown Heights, when a number of police officers responded to a call stating that there were guns and drugs on the premises.

After requesting and receiveing permission to search the premises, police officers found illegal firearms and drugs in a storage area of the Shul.

A police source said that among the items found was an AR-15 assault rifle and a hunting rifle, both unregistered, as well as a pellet gun. They also found a cache of illegal narcotics including pills and other hallucinogenics.

“The area where police found the guns and drugs is a small closet that we have been renting out to an individual” Rabbi Moshe Feiglin, director of Aliya Institute told CrownHeights.info. “Police arrested the person renting the space in which the items were found.”

The suspect was only identified as a 28-year-old Jewish man.

“[Rabbi Moshe] Feiglin is being very cooperative with us, he wants nothing to do with this kind of stuff and wants it out of his synagogue” a law enforcement source told CrownHeights.info.


3 Responses to “Exclusive Breaking News: Arrest Made At Aliya Institute”

  1. CHResident Says:

    Aliya is a place for bad get’s to get worse and for good kids to get bad.

    Those who are looking for a place to fry out, go to Aliya.

    That place must be shut down.

    It’s only there for money, not to help our children.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this kid is just tryin to get high: http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/cguv0p/no-meal-plan-no-cry

  3. sam Says:

    can you give me the name of the man who was arrested by the cops ?

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