Competitor Forces Dov Hikind To Go Back To Hand Shaking


הייקינד חזר ללחוץ ידיים

For decades (32-years) Dov Hikind was sitting in his [Assembly] chair quietly without a serious contender. So when election time came around, must Borough Park residents were not even aware that  there were elections taking place and thus elections would come and go in silence, as a result Dov Hikind had to put zero effort in maintaining his seat.

Things are very different for Dov Hikind for this years election session. This election cycle, Hikind has been seen walking up and down the street of the 48th district, actually interacting with ‘common’ people and doing the hand shaking thing, in-order to win the peoples vote.

Hikind will be running off against Rabbi Nachman Caller, a real estate attorney and the Republican district leader of the 48th Assembly District.

If Dov Hikind loses in Borough Park, he can always come to Crown Heights. In Crown Heights he can be an elected official without any qualifications and without any elections. Ask Yosef Braun regarding how he won without any  qualifications and ask Chanina Sperlin how he’s still a member of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. despite the fact that he lost an election.




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