The Only Chinuch (Education) Children Need Today


Take your children out of Yeshiva, stop teaching them right from wrong, all they need to know about life is in the video bellow. Very very important.

לעבעדיק יתום or לעבעדיק יתומים (Living orphans) this is an expression used regarding abandoned children with [living] parents.

Some Examples: The kids that hang around 770 all day with strangers.
Those kids you will always (at all times of the day) find outside playing in the street or those kids hanging out in the building lobby or staircase almost 24/7, usually making a mess or causing some sort of damage to property.

Or perhaps a child who video records himself, playing all by himself the same thing over and over and over again for over two years.

Watching these videos just made me think לעבעדיק יתום.

Someone get this kid some friends [his age] to play with.


2 Responses to “The Only Chinuch (Education) Children Need Today”

  1. whoisshmira Says:

    In case you are too slow to follow.

    The How to wave a Moshiach flag steps:

    Step 1: Get a Stick

    Step 2: Get a Flag

    Step 3: Put the flag on the stick

    Step 4: Wave the flag

    Step 6: Make sure there is a beautiful wind

    If steps 1 thru 6 are to difficult for you to do on your own then
    Step 7 is for you.

    Step 7: Get one (pre-made) now. Call 1917-587-2195

  2. Anonymous Says:


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