Hasidic men arrested ‘trying to buy’ 50 pounds of weed


Source: NY Post – By Selim Algar


UPDATE: Documents attached bellow 

High holy days, indeed!

A crew of Hasidic Jews from Crown Heights who dreamed of fancy Hawaiian getaways tried to score 50 pounds of potent pot from an FBI agent posing as a Texas drug dealer, according to court papers.

Wearing traditional yarmulkes and tzitzits, Boruch “Barry” Rapoport, 47, Moshe “Mony” Horenshtein, 27, and Menachem Jacobson, 30, were all arraigned in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday and will have their cases transferred to Texas to face drug raps there.

Rapoport, who is married with kids and lives on public assistance, met an agent posing as a El Paso drug honcho in April and said he needed a staggering 50 pounds of pot a week, according to a criminal complaint.

The leery Lubavitcher asked that he be kept away from the marijuana trove because he and his cohorts “won’t be going to Hawaii for many years” if they were ever busted with the haul, according to court papers.

“Rapoport stated that he didn’t want to be in the same room as the ‘s–t,’ ” the complaint states.

Rapoport also demanded that they use the code words “alfalfa” and “vegetables” for marijuana.

The undercover told Rapoport that his marijuana mountain was located in El Paso and that he would have to have it transported by truck to Brooklyn.

The two agreed to have the pot delivered to a warehouse on Atlantic and Nostrand avenues on Tuesday and that they would close the deal the next day, according to court papers.

Rapoport met the undercover at a Brooklyn hotel to hand over the cash on Wednesday while Horenshtein and Jacobson arrived at the warehouse to inspect the pot and talk business, court papers state.

Jacobson, whose bail was posted by Hunter College Chabad Rabbi Boruch Jacobson, was pleased that the weed was high quality because “you can’t sell that Mexican stuff around here,” according to the complaint.

“Jacobson then stated that he knew about ‘hydro’ and the requirements for growing it because he was asked to grow some before,” the suit states.

Horenshtein, who plays in a Hasidic music band, handed over $3,000 to the agent to cover transport costs and selected two marijuana bricks as samples before the agents pounced. Rapoport — who pays $108 in rent for his subsidized $1,400 apartment — produced $95,000 in cash to pay for the pot before he was arrested.

All three men were released on $500,000 bond and will appear in court in Texas federal court on Sept. 26.

Horenshtein’s bail was posted by members of the powerful Rubashkin family of Crown Heights.

The clan owns a host of businesses — including the a massive kosher-food outfit — and is heavily influential in the Lubavitch community.

Horenshtein’s attorney, Zaki Tamir, did not return a call for comment. Jacobson’s lawyer, Albert Dayan, declined to comment.


9-10-14 -COMPLAINT Signed by Judge Miguel A. Torres as to Boruch Yechiel Rapoport (1), Moshe Horenshtein (2), Menachem Mendel Jacobson

9-10-14 -COMPLAINT Signed by Judge Miguel A. Torres as to Boruch Yechiel Rapoport (1), Moshe Horenshtein (2), Menachem Mendel Jacobson (3)_Page_19-10-14 -COMPLAINT Signed by Judge Miguel A. Torres as to Boruch Yechiel Rapoport (1), Moshe Horenshtein (2), Menachem Mendel Jacobson (3)_Page_29-10-14 -COMPLAINT Signed by Judge Miguel A. Torres as to Boruch Yechiel Rapoport (1), Moshe Horenshtein (2), Menachem Mendel Jacobson (3)_Page_3


7 Responses to “Hasidic men arrested ‘trying to buy’ 50 pounds of weed”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Disgraceful; shameful; A major Chillul Hashem and Chillul Lubavitch.

    Lockem up and throw away the keys.

  2. chitashayomyomita Says:

    Zaki Tamir is in so deep I can smell is wafting through the air. Drugs, money laundering, you name it, the whole Crown Heights Mafia is about to come undone like a house of cards. A plague on their corrupt house!

  3. A Shmira Mesira Friend Says:

    Boruch “Barry” Rapoport is very good friends with Shmira mesira.chsp/cop coordinator Yanky Prager.

    Those who hang around Sh*^ smell like Sh*^.

  4. I Spot a Rat Says:

    Jacobson just threw the others under the bus, before he even reached the vehicles waiting to transport them.

    The same guy that said “that’s MY stuff”, all of a sudden has nothing to do with anything. Ha.

    • Witness Says:

      BS, Jacobson is a dealer. Saw him several times behind my building with a bunch or other kids from our community smoking up.

  5. Zalmy Says:

    A friend of mine was trying to justify one of those involved by claiming that he did not have anything to do with the purchasing of the drugs and that he didn’t even know that drugs were involved in the deal.

    How did my friend know this “information”? Someone “who knows” told him.

    After hearing what he had to say, I told him (and later sent a link) that CHLEAKS has the FBI affidavit which paints a whole different story.

    Another case of Facts Vs. Mikvah News.

    Its exactly like the post ‘Justifying and Excusing Bad and Criminal Behavior‘, it’s crazy what people tell themselves when attempting to justify stuff like this.

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