Flashback: Shmira Hate Mail


Crown Heights- flashback- hat mail-shmira

December 1999: Crown Heights Shmira Patrol an umbrella organization of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. aka Vaad Hakohol, using official CHJCC envelopes (and funds), sent out hate mail against Shomrim, to the entire Crown Heights community.

Shmira was founded by Chanina Sperlin and the CHJCC cabal for the sole purpose of fighting Shomrim. The sole purpose of this fight was in order to create a distraction away from the corruption that was taking place at the CHJCC.

shmira-crown heights jewish community council,inc.-hate mail (01)

Before I post the following Shmira propaganda (that was included in the mailing), it’s important to note that over the years, members of the Shmira gang have made accusation after accusation of Mesira (Shomrim volunteers doing acts of Mesira against them). Yet, throughout all these years (14 and counting) there has never been a shred of evidence backing up any of those claims. The Shmira (with the help of Yitzchak Shuchat) operated numerous blogs (to counter WIS/Chleaks), with much propaganda, but not once was any evidence of Mesira actually presented.

shmira-crown heights jewish community council,inc.-hate mail (4)The above mailing does not get a positive reaction from the community. The issue was brought up on December 28, 1999 at the then CHJCC Netzigim meeting (Remember those? Whatever did happen to the Netzigim?).

Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc (1)Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc (2)Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, inc (3)Seeing that the Shmira propaganda was not sitting well with the community, the CHJCC cabal claimed to have not known anything about it and kind of sort of condemned the Shmira for sending the letters “without their permission”. And I say they “kind of sort of condemned the Shmira”, because the CHJCC used this letter as an opportunity to further their agenda with more propaganda against Shomrim.

shmira-crown heights jewish community council,inc.-hate mail (1)

Now, all the above took place in 1999, since that time much propaganda and hate was thrown towards Shomrim and it’s volunteers.  Using what was once known as the Beth Din of Crown Heights, the CHJCC cabal  didn’t miss any opportunity to attack Shomrim/Hershkop and their supporters. Almost weekly, Crown Heights residents would step out of their homes or apartments only to find more propaganda and hate filled letters regarding either the Shomrim/Hershkops or Krinsky/Shemtov (Aguch/Merkoz). All distractions as I’ve explained time and time again.

When the Internet became more common, it to was used to spread the CHJCC cabals agenda.

So when 2008 came along and whoisshmira.com/chleaks.com was born, it was surprising and funny to see all those responsible for years of hate, propaganda and bulling, squealing like a bunch of pigs (or War Criminals) about the “hate-blog” whoisshmira.


7 Responses to “Flashback: Shmira Hate Mail”

  1. SUPPORTER Says:


    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Remember it’s the great volunteers of Shomrim that support the community.

      The issue was never about having a second patrol. Hells, let there be three, four etc… if people want to go out and help Yidden, the more the better.

      The only problem is when a second patrol is created for the sole purpose of destroying the first for no other reason but to create a distraction.

  2. 1bigcholent Says:

    “He [Yossi Stern] first asked that he not be judged as a plumber…”

    Whats wrong with being a plumber?

  3. antimesira Says:

    The CHJCC letter to the community. Paragraph #4.

    …”When the Shomrim provided a service, we allowed them to continue to function.”….

    Who the hell did they think they were that they had to ALLOW anyone to do anything?

  4. Mosrim Rats Says:

    Fast Forward 2014 (14 years later) and they (Prager, Skoblo, Stern) still preach this hate to their little minion, who then go out and make incoherent and straight out dumb blogs, to impress their hateful masters.

    A new hamasnik in town is one name Chaim Ezagui.

  5. Mosrim Desperation Says:

    Fast Forward 2014 and not much has changed when it comes to their desperation.

    Please call only us, please call only us.

    Just read the comments on the post from collive from a few weeks ago.

    90% of the comments are written by shmira kids.

    And notice how they are begging that you call only them and of-course send them money.

    They even keep posting the number again and again. One would think that by now, 15 years of their sad existence, everybody would already know their number by heart. Why is it that after 15 years of being out there doing “a great job”, do they still have to beg that you call them and remind you what their number is?

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