Meshichistim Prepare for Gimel Tamuz in Own Special Way



meshichistim mosrim-

Early this morning, a Crown Heights resident was leaving his home for work when he noticed a couple of young men dumping garbage in the commercial dumpster of a nearby business. The man confronted them and explained that businesses in New York City have to pay for every bag of garbage they dispose of, and that what they were doing was a form of G’neiva (stealing).

As he was speaking to them, the man realized that what these Bochurim were dumping was no ordinary garbage. He was shocked to discover that the “garbage” was actually hundreds of fliers advertising a Farbrengen marking the 20th anniversary of Gimmel Tammuz.

Upon closer examination, he discovered something even more shocking: the fliers were for a Farbrengen organized by Heichal Menachem in Borough Park! He immediately realized that these Bochurim, who belong to a group of students in 770 known as ‘Tzfatim,’ had spent the night driving around Borough Park and tearing down fliers advertising an event for Frum Jews of all colors and stripes to come together in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

While the rest of Lubavitch is spending this auspicious time preparing, learning, doing good deeds and organizing get-togethers in honor of this special day, these young men apparently decided that it was becoming of their time to tear down and impede the good things that others are trying to accomplish, because an event that is not all about “Yechi” cannot be allowed to take place (even in Borough Park!).

Adding injury to insult, when the man realized what they had been up to and confronted them about it, the [Meshichistim] ‘Tzfatim’ jumped into their van to make a hasty getaway. As they drove off, they knocked the man over and caused him significant injury, for which he required medical attention.

meshichistim thugs-mosrim (3)meshichistim thugs-mosrim (4)meshichistim thugs-mosrim (6)

Exit Questions:

1) Why does ‘Central Yeshiva Tomchei Timimim Lubavitz of the U.S.A.’ bring these terrorist to Crown Heights?

2) Did the witness of this incident who was assaulted and as a result sustained “significant injury, for which he required medical attention”, file a police report?

If the victim did not file a police report and demand that these thugs be arrested immediately, he has blood on his hand!!!

If you are or have been a victim of Meshichist violence and/or vandalism and you didn’t take action against it by filing a police report, pressing charges and prosecuting the aggressors to the full extent of the law  – You have blood on your hands.

You are giving the Meshichisatim a free pass to continue in their acts of violence., it’s all on you.

You are 100% responsible for the next innocent Jew that gets attacked!!!

If you were a victim of Meshichist violence and you didn’t file a police report, then when that next act of violence does happen, don’t act so surprise (you deserve it).

Bringing this sad event to the public’s attention is important, however it has no lasting effect, it will not prevent such things from happening again in the future.

However, having these thugs locked up and prosecuted will have a lasting and meaningful effect.

(10)For forty years quarreled with this generation; and I said, “They are a people of erring hearts, they do not know my ways.” (11) So I vowed in My anger that they would not enter My resting place.


One Response to “Meshichistim Prepare for Gimel Tamuz in Own Special Way”

  1. antimesira Says:

    This time they got caught red handed. There must be many other acts of violence, theft and destruction that have not been recorded, reported that they have gotten away with.

    I have the perfect response for this.
    They want to take down signs they don’t like?

    Oh well, whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

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