Dear “Concerned” Students…


….Where Is the Concern; Protest; Demand To Keep Yeshiva Open During the Summer?

Bochurim protest 1

Regarding: [CHI] Students Take Protest Against Teacher’s Firing Public  [COL] Bochurim Protest School Firing [CHI] Angry Students Spread Inflammatory ‘Pashkvils’

Months ago you protested with demands that you ‘want your Mashpia back’, what are you going to do without your “Mashpia” for over 10 weeks of summer “vacation”?

Bachurim protesting

This is what a Yeshiva Bochur; teachers; parents; Rosh Yeshivas and Mashpiam, should be protesting.

Bottom Line: All these protest have nothing to do with Yiddishkit or learning in Yeshiva. These “bochurim” are are being taken advantage of by Meshichist “Mashpiam”, mainly Nachman Schapiro, who has/have their own agendas.

Where is the crusader, the big Meshichist Mashpia Nachman Schapira when it comes to this issue of keeping Yeshiva open during the summer?

Why is it that when it comes to bulling the Yeshiva he knows how to find all the troubled children to do his dirty work, but when it comes to saving their souls, he’s nowhere to be found?

Now (that being said), its no place for a Bocher learning in Yeshiva to make any sort of protest. However, if it bothered them so much that Yeshiva will be closed and that they will be away from their mashpia for so long, then they would make an effort, by either speaking to their mashpia or their parents, asking them to do something.

Where is the letter signed by these bocurim asking that yeshiva keep it’s doors open 12 months a year?

If and I say IF, any sign was to be held up at the group photo, it was one that read, ‘Don’t abandon us during the Summer, Keep Yeshiva Open’. But their not (not the students and not the so called “mashpim”) really interested in that, are they?

Why not take all that negative energy and/or excitement and channel it to doing something that would bring real positive change not just for your Yeshiva and your generation but for all the Yeshivas that will follow and all the generation to come. Do something meaningful and stop being useful idiots for people who couldn’t give a darn about you, the moment they don’t have any use for you.

As a side note: Personally I think that those involved in attempting to put up the ‘Yechi’ sign and afterwards publishing the ‘Pashkvil’, should be publicly shamed for their actions.


These are the signs we should see around the neighborhood:







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  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    The seed has been planted….

    Pages: 12- 13

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