Flash Back 1996: 12 Buses With Hundreds Of Children Head to Machne Menachem


Source: machnemenachem.com

Summer 0f 1996, 12 [full] buses pulled out of Crown Heights heading towards Machne Menachem. That year the Machne Menachem which was located at,  445 Mast Hope Plank Road, Lackawaxen, PA, 18435 hosted 500 campers and 200 staff.

The streets of Crown Heights were literately desolate of Children.

Machne menachem (2)

I myself was on one of these buses and remember how the line of buses stretched almost two blocks. Starting from Eastern Pkwy and Kingston Ave.,  down to Eastern Pkwy and Brooklyn. It was quite a sight to see.

What has become of 445 Mast Hope Plank Road, Lackawaxen, PA, 18435 today? How many children are hosted there today?

Yaakov Spritzer swindled the camp away from the majority directors of the camp by initiating a campaign of harassment and intimidation via way of lawsuits, based on  frivolous claims. All documented on Machnemenachem.com.

Surly a camp property which  held 500 campers and 200 staff in 1996, has thousands today on 2014?

One would have expected that to be the case, but sadly that is not the case.

The question then is, why did Spritzer put up such a vicious fight for the camp, if he’s not growing?

I would also ask this question of Camp Gan Yisroel(s). In over forty years of “the Rebbes camp”, how much have you grown, how many bunks houses have you build in forty years?

Why are there hundreds of Children and Bochurim hanging out in the streets in the summer months?


This camp business (“summer vacation”) must come to an end, it does more harm then good. Unless a Yeshiva opens a camp of it’s own and all students registered to Yeshiva must join the Yeshiva camp (like they have in many other communities).

2003: After the decision of Judge Glasser which decided that Shmuel Heber, Yosef Goldman and Mendel Hershkop were still directors of the Corporation, Shmuel Heber, spoke to the school principals (of Crown Heights) and the directors (of those schools) and gave a very good offer to the principals and directors for their students to attend the camp, as a whole Yeshiva for the summer.

Why didn’t this happen? Read about this here: Reopening the Camp – 2003


One Response to “Flash Back 1996: 12 Buses With Hundreds Of Children Head to Machne Menachem”

  1. antimesira Says:

    For Spritzer and Co. -Spritzer did what he did with the assistance of the corrupt cabal of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. and their puppet “Beth Din”, didn’t do what they did because they needed a camp for the children of Crown Heights. With all the money that was spent by Spritzer and Co. for lawyers they could have bought and operated four large camps, for every single child of Crown Heights of all ages.

    The Machne Menachem case was not about a camp.

    See: http://machanemenachem.wordpress.com/2009/04/27/spritzer-this-case-is-not-about-a-camp/

    The Dovid Fischer case was not about buildings.

    as the Shomrim Six blood libel was not about an assault that took place in 749.

    All the above cases were about gaining and keeping control. These blood libels were meant to harass and intimidate; to keep people in line. You mess with the cabal. we will take you down; ruin your life.

    Those days are clearly over. Thanks in part to this web-site and to those who did not fold; fought back and were victorious.

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