Good News: Mosser Who Falsely Testified Against Shomrim Six Imprisoned


יש דין ויש דיין - -

April 29, 2014: The מוסר Shalom Cohen (שלום כהן) currently behind bars.

April 29, 2014: The מוסר Shalom Cohen (שלום כהן) currently behind bars.

As the world turns.

The מוסר (informer) Shalom Cohen, has been imprisoned by the IDF.

Shalom Cohen was one of the seven Meshichist Mossrim who with his false testimony attempted to imprison the Shomrim Six for 15 plus years in a violent prison made for the worst of out society.

If you want to have a good laugh you should read (in Hebrew) what the Meshichist web-site is writing about this.

View PDF here: Shalom Choen Arrested

This Meshichist web-site bringing this story to attention are the very same people who distributed to our homes and posted on their web-sites (at the time the Shomrim Six were on trial), propaganda with the headline “THE VICTIMS WANT TO BE HEARD”? Read all the comments HERE, HERE and HERE.

Four years ago, this web-site and the Meshichist movement as a whole thought it ok (and in fact prayed), that six innocent Jews be sent to jail and not the type of jail they have Shalom Cohen. Four years ago, it was ok to send six Jews to a death sentence.

BUT now all of a sudden it’s a “tragedy” and a “outrage” that a Mosser can’t go to Mikva?

For the record: The prisoner Shalom Cohen is only requesting “religious rights” to drive the IDF crazy, that’s obvious. Those that know Shalom Cohen know that he does not care for Mikva and Davvening Mincha, for G-d sakes the guys a מוסר.

Bottom Line: Here we have an individual who participated in a vicious campaign to have Jews imprisoned, now sitting in prison himself.

Be it four in half years, ten years or eighty years, all those who participated* (directly or indirectly) in that vicious blood libel, will face Justice (in an open and revealed manner).

*and even those who could have prevented or protested and didn’t.


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4 Responses to “Good News: Mosser Who Falsely Testified Against Shomrim Six Imprisoned”

  1. CH Resident Says:

    Such an important story…so urgent…why doesn’t the yechi web-site translate the story for the English speaking?

  2. Chabad Avreich Has a Day in Military Court For Failing To Report To An IDF Induction Center Says:

    27-year-old Chabad avreich Shalom Cohen, a resident of Yerushalayim, was in an IDF court in Yaffo on Sunday, 11 Iyar 5774. The avreich is imprisoned for failing to report to an induction center. He is married and the father of two children and has been behind bars for about a month. He was arrested trying to leave the country for Crown Heights before Pesach.

    Defense attorney Idan Dvir called on the court to instruct prison officials to bring him mehadrin food and to permit him to toivel in a mikve daily. Dvir pointed out to the court that as a result of the IDF prison refusing to bring him mehadrin food, he has been living on bread and water and his health is failing. Another hearing is set for Thursday, 15 Iyar.

    A friend of his from yeshiva in the USA, Shmuel Notik, is quoted by Kikar Shabbos explaining “Shalom learned in yeshiva in Israel and he was heading to yeshiva to continue his limudim in the United States…He flew back and forth a number of times and was never stopped or told there is a problem. It has been eight years since his induction date and now they arrested him.”

    The friend explains that Shalom is not challenging the arrest but he is questioning why his basic religious rights are being ignored. He explains he will sit in prison for as long as necessary but he wants to be able to toivel daily as he has not missed a day since his bar mitzvah. His second request is to receive food with an acceptable hashgacha.

    The IDF has been giving him the run around on both matters and on one occasion, he was apprehended filling a large barrel which he hoped to toivel in and was sent to solitary. On a second occasion he declared a hunger strike when they would not bring him mehadrin food and once again, he was sent to solitary, punished for his defiance.

    Many friends attended the hearing to support Shalom, some currently serving in the IDF. The hearing addressed the conditions of his imprisonment. The court ruled he may bring homemade food into his cell one time only. The friends were saddened to see how much weight he has lost and they stated his appearance was “pale and weak but he was happy to see his friends and family members as he was escorted from the bus to the courtroom”.

    Shalom’s mother continued complaining about officials not giving him food meeting his kashrus standard and this led to the hearing. She angrily asks why one must fight to bring their child kosher food. She points out the IDF Chief Rabbinate has ruled a prisoner requesting “badatz” food must receive it but no one is lifting a finger to assist Shalom. He is demanding Eida Chareidis meals or alternatively food with the hashgacha of Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau Shlita.

    Friends attending the hearing expressed amazement at the IDF’s treatment of Shalom, adding that at a time they are working to bring more chareidim into the military their actions are starkly different from promises made to the chareidi tzibur.

    (YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      “He is married and the father of two children”

      Fact, Shalom Cohen is not married.

      I wonder if the author of the above article simply made a mistake or he was told that Cohen was married by the Cohen family?

  3. Tzvi Says:

    מודעה יבשה סתם בלי שום הסבר כניראה שעם ישראל לא יוכל להפנים שמאז מאות בשנים לא קמו מוסרים כאלה,,ובכן הסבר קטן שלום כהן הוא אחד משישה המוסרים במשפט היודע נגד שישה חברי השומרים בשכונת חב”ד בקורן אייסט
    המטרה הייתה תוכנית שטנית של מנדל הנדל וחברו המשיחים להכניס שישה מהשומרים לכלא ל16 שנים ועוד לפני שהמשפט הסתיים הם הגישו תביעה בסך מאה וארבעים מליון דולר תביעת נזקין ,
    ובכן קצת פרטים, שלום כהן אף פעם לא הייה בחור מן המנין בישיבה,
    שלום כהן הייה נהג שהוביל נוסעים בנסיעות ועשה כס
    שלום כהן עבד גם אצל הנדל עם משכורת כפיצוי על שבא להעיד עידות שקר
    אחד הסיבות שהוא חזר לארץ הוא מודעות שהופצו בשכונה על המסירה שלו
    סיבה שנייה המשיחים הקימו פה בשכונה מוסך כדי לגנוב כסף מהביטוח,
    והוא הייה חלק מהנוכלים האלה והוא הבין שיושבים עליו והוא תפס את המכנסיים וחזר זה עוד יהיה בחדשות בקרוב,
    ברצוני לציין שרשות הצבא יקבלו עוד היום את כל הפרטים וזה ישקיט קצת את הרוחות לזה שבכלל לא התפלל והלך למקוה מדובר בנוכל שרק עם פירסום הדבר יותר יגרום נזק יותר ויותר אנחנו נרדוף אחרי חבורת המוסרים
    בכל מקום אין להם שום חלק בעם ישראל,

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