New York, NY – Rapfogel Admits Stealing From Prominent NYC Jewish Charity; Faces Up To 10 Years In Prison


By: AP

2010 - Chanina Sperlin, Zaki Tamir and Eli Cohen, of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. meets  Met Council Executive Director William Rapfogel

June 2010 – Chanina Sperlin, Zaki Tamir and Eli Cohen, of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. meets Met Council Executive Director William Rapfogel

New York, NY –  The politically connected former CEO of a prominent New York City charity has admitted he helped steal more than $9 million from the organization in an insurance scheme that authorities linked to campaign contributions.

William Rapfogel pleaded guilty to grand larceny, money laundering and other charges in a case that had rattled city and state political circles.

He formerly led the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, which has long enjoyed close ties to politicians and has collected more than $26 million in state and city grants in recent years, and his wife was Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s chief of staff.

Rapfogel became the executive director of the Met Council, as it is known, in 1992. He soon joined several conspirators in conniving to inflate the price of the organization’s insurance so they could pocket the overcharge, ultimately splitting more than $5 million over 20 years, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said.

“I knowingly stole more than $1M from the Metropolitan Council on Jewish policy as part of a scheme in which insurance premiums were inflated,” Rapfogel said in court.

He used $27,000 of that money to pay a contractor working on his home, and he had more than $400,000 in cash hidden in his home when investigators searched it in August 2013, Schneiderman said.

Rapfogel will be sentenced to 3 1/3 years to 10 years in state prison if he pays more than $3 million in restitution. He already has turned over nearly $1.5 million.

Met Council Executive Director William Rapfogel-crown heights jewish community council-chanina sperlin-zaki tamir-corruption-fraud (2)

June 2010 – Chanina Sperlin, Zaki Tamir and Eli Cohen, of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. meets Met Council Executive Director William Rapfogel

Rapfogel also directed a conspirator at an insurance company to use money reaped from the insurance scam to make donations to candidates and political groups on the Met Council’s behalf, the attorney general said.

Candidates for New York City, state and federal offices received campaign contributions of tens of thousands of dollars from the insurance company owners and employees, Schneiderman said. He didn’t identify the recipients.

After the allegations emerged, several New York City Democratic mayoral candidates decided to return contributions related to the insurance company, mostly received years ago. Among them was now-Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose campaign gave back $1,650 given in the 2009 election cycle.

No official made any connection between the donations and Silver’s office. Both Silver and wife have said they knew nothing about Rapfogel’s misdeeds.

Rapfogel was fired in August from his $340,000-a-year job, with the charity citing “financial irregularities” and “apparent misconduct.”

At the time, he said, “I deeply regret the mistakes I have made” but didn’t give specifics.

He was charged the next month, in a case investigated by Schneiderman and state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. Both are Democrats.

The Met Council’s work includes career counseling, handling donated clothes and installing safety equipment in the homes of the elderly. Its board includes some of New York’s most influential Jewish leaders, and its annual legislative breakfast is one of the major events of the political calendar in the city.

In 2012, Rapfogel supported Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s order limiting salaries at nonprofit social service agencies, saying there some “bad players” taking advantage of the system. Rapfogel was also a prominent appointment to Schneiderman’s Leadership Committee for Nonprofit Revitalization in 2011.



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Zaki, Chanina Secure $20K

Exit Questions:

How and Where was $41 Million Spent By The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.?

The corruption that has been taking place at the corrupt Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., since it’s conception, pales in comparison to the corruption that took place at the Met Council.

a) Why hasn’t the government  rained down on the corrupt cabal of the CHJCC?

b) Could it possibly be that Chanina Sperlin and Co. are the informants that helped take down the Met Council?

When the government has you hooked (on corruption charges), they make deals to rat on your fellow conspirators or face their wrath. See: Why Aren’t They Coming To Crown Heights?


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