Get Rid of All Your Chometz


throwing out the chometz

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2 Responses to “Get Rid of All Your Chometz”

  1. A Dirty Waste Says:

    Tens of thousands of dollars are being spent by the corrupt cabal of Crown Heights to print expensive colorful pamphlets and large street posters promoting the B.S. (Braun and Schwei). Yet, they claim that they have no money.

    1) we the people are NOT responsible to support the B.S., we don’t want them; we don’t need them! Those who created this so called “Beth Din” should pay for it. Those who use it should pay for it.*

    2) the money being used to print this propaganda -which in any case gets thrown out- could be better used to help struggling families with their daily needs- like putting food on tables.

    * Tens of these booklets are dropped off by every building [hundreds all over the neighborhood], more then the occupants of said building, only because they have nothing else to do with it. These booklets go straight to the garbage.

    One would think that after all these years they would have a list of people who are actually interested in their propaganda and thus have a subscription data base of who to send to.

    Why is it that they have to literally dump their crap all over the neighborhood?

    Bottom line: For Machlokes; for propaganda; for an agenda there is always funds. But to actually help people; to actually make a difference in somebody’s they cry “we have no money, please help US!!”

  2. In Light of Recent Incidents, Rabbi Osdoba Clarifies: ‘Beware of Counterfeit Kashrus’ Says:

    The Mora D’Asro and Rov of Crown Heights, Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba released a letter ahead of the upcoming holiday of Pesach to warn the community of egregious forgeries of the Beis Dins’ Kashrus.

    In his fiery letter he says that one must check from where this behavior of “these Masigei Gvul and Protzei Geder,” who in the past year have attempted to “erode the walls of Kashrus” in local food establishments including the Matzah Bakery and more recently have attempted to bring in poultry of “outside Shochtim” into the heart of our community.

    Rabbi Osdoba writes that he “is writing this letter in response to the many inquiries he has received of late, and in light of the seriousness of this issue he is compelled to respond in a public manner as this is an issue which affects many.”

    Below is the full letter which is written in Hebrew:

    Click Here to download the letter in PDF format

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