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Editors and partners of, Yossi and Mica Soffer file lengthily lawsuit against their partner Yossi Rivkin, claiming full ownership of the COL domain and website. The Soffers initiated this lawsuit without even approaching a Beth Din.

Read Verified Complaint by Yossi and Mica Soffer

View this document on Scribd

My opinion regarding the Soffers complaint. In general my opinion is that if you can’t make your case in under 15 pages, then you must not have a case. Anybody who has to go over 15 pages is full of it.

See Elie C. Poltorak and Paul Huebners motions/lawsuit to court, pages upon pages of frivolous junk. 

Yossi Rivkin Response: The Soffers can’t be trusted with money.

View this document on Scribd

Rivkin Exhibits A-E

Rivkin Exhibits F-J

A few things that stuck out for me:

1) The Soffers are  represented by Mitchell C. Shapiro from Shapiro Tamir Law Group PLLC. Tamir as in Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Chairman Zaki Tamir.

Is COLlive bias when it comes to Zaki Tamir and the Corrupt CHJCC? Yes, absolutely!

2) The Soffers claim on the web-site that:

…reach COLlive’s daily viewership of 60,000-strong….

Yet, in their Verified Complaint they claim that they have 50,000. Now anybody who has been in a court of law, knows that every detail is scrutinized ans examined. In a court of law you don’t get away with an exaggeration of 10,000. So what is it, 60,000 of 50,000? Why lie about this and what else are they lying about?

3) Reading the Soffers complaint and then reading the comments on COLlive, one can’t help but notice that the so called “commentators” are writing comments in support of many of the claims the Soffers make in their Verified complaint. (You will have to read the complaint to see this).

A few examples:

Mazal Tov!

You are the biggest Kiddush Lubavitch out there!

The Soffers make the claim that they are saving Lubavitch with COLLIVE. Ye really, go read the complaint (starting at page 6).


you guys are the best

I have never met two ppl that act in such a wonderful manner,
good luck on the next amazing phase of COLLIVE!!!!


thanks for lletting lubavitch know whats happening around; engagements, births, news, events… all from you! thanks!

Much Success

Thank you for posting an explanation. Mica & Yossi an absolute powerhouse couple who achieved great success by working hard and by just being the big Baalei Chesed that they are. To the both of you just gather strength from the challenges and take it as a compliment that your success has generated jealousies that caused those challenges. Much continued Hatzlacha and good health for the both of you and your entire family and A Kosheren un A Freilichin Pesach.

The future of Chabad is in YOUR hands!

Whether or not you chose it. this is your shlichus- COL is probably one of the most influential voices today for ANASH worldwide. Not only WHAT you write, but WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE ABOUT, THE PHOTOS YOU CHOOSE TO DISPLAY, THE COMMENTS YOU ALLOW TO BE POSTED, all set the direction of Lubavitch tomorrow!
You are the Rebbe’s shluchim!

Then there are the [LOL] comments that make it seem like people were dying in the streets from a lack of their daily COLlive dose. -panic-attack-yossi-mica-sofferMore to Come


5 Responses to “COL-LIVE, COL-DIES, COL-SUES and COL-LIVE (once again)”

  1. Chosid Says:

    “The Soffers make the claim that they are saving Lubavitch with COLLIVE.”

    Why must every [private] lawsuit or conflict between two “chabadniks” has to have the Rebbe zt”l and the whole lubavitch dragged into it?

    This has nothing to do with Chabad nor the Rebbe. Shame on the Soffers for dragging the Rebbe and the rest of us into this crap!!!

    This “move” is a cheap shot; an attempt to dress in sheep clothing. People who do this, do so because they have no actual merit in their case; they don’t have facts, they think the judge in there to “Farb” with them.

    Shame shame shame!!!!

  2. antimesira Says:

    Young people in our community dying at a young age, that’s sad.

    COLlive going down for a day or two, that’s just tragic.

    Who needs Moshiach, COLlive is back!!!

  3. zev Says:

    Collive not so family friendly after all.

  4. Machne Menachem Says:

    The Soffers are pulling a Yaakov Spritzer hostile takeover.

    Just like Spritzer the Soffers are leaving their partner in the dust.

    Back when they first started Collive, they posted an advertisement of Spritzer camp.

    Spritzer is a Ganev and a Mosser!!!

    When Soffers were asked how it is they could support a Ganev and Mosser, they replied, “It’s business”.

    We’ve also seen how they support the corrupt CHJCC and the Mosser Chanina Sperlin.

    Like their friend Spritzer and Sperlin, the Soffers can not be trusted.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    posts on col that refer to mulik rivkin as the col owner

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