Another Useless Distraction Brought To You By The Corrupt CHJCC

low information Distraction-Crown Heights Jewish community council-low

A distraction about potatoes, onions and eggs

Regarding: [CHI] Needy Crown Heightsers Decry Public Humiliation

[collive] Zaki Tamir Apologizes, Explains and 50 More Families Need Help

Last week we were privileged to get another useless distraction by the corrupt Crown Heights Jewish Community Council.

For over three years we don’t hear any updates from Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, (Vaad Hakohol) Chairman Zaki Tamir.

Zaki Tamir in his letter tries to play us by using the  “Dear Sisters and Brothers” and “Dear Friends” line. So tell me “brother” Zaki, where have you been these past four years? What have you been up to? What have you accomplished?

With all those wonderful “comments” praising Mr. Tamir “for the great he does or has done”, there must be so many accomplishments for him to share with us.

Good news folks, the silence has been broken.

It’s a story about potatoes, onions and eggs (?).

What has Zaki Tamir and the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. been up to these past four years?
Planing the distribution of potatoes, onions and egg before Pesach 5774 (2014)?

How many government grants and contracts has the CHJCC received since 2010?

How much and for what programs? How was this money spent?

Why are you trying to distract the good people of Crown Heights with horror stories about potatoes, onions and eggs?

We are already on the subject of potatoes, onions and eggs, so I’ll ask the following question:

The CHJCC gets the food totally free, so why make people stand on line (embarrassing them) to get tickets for the Pesach package?

The one thing this corrupt community council does, they can’t get right.


How about sharing with the community where the bulk of the weatherization money went!

Exit Question: How and Where was $41 Million Spent By The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.?

Letters of Distraction by Irrelevant CHJCC

Corrupt Cabal Of The CHJCC Presents Another Distraction



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