As The World Turns: When Mosrim Cry About Mesirah


מישיחיסטים -meshichist -mossrim-mesira-מוסרים beat me to the story (bellow). My thoughts on the matter in extended article.

[CH.INFO]  Early this morning a Kvutzeh Bochur was dragged out of his bed by police detectives and arrested. Friends of this Bochur ‘plastered’ 770 with signs and flyers calling Menachem Mendy Hendel and a number of his cohorts Mosserim [informers]. During Mincha they physically attacked as well.

The saga began to unfold several weeks ago, when cash-strapped Hendel erected a turnstile at the [illegal]Mikvah located in the basement of the Yeshiva Dormitory located at 749 Eastern Parkway in a bid to force all users to pay a fee to use it.

The ‘Meshichistim’ who occupy the building were not pleased with this turn of events, and late that night, wearing masks for disguise, they damaged the turnstile that was barricading the entrance to the Mikvah.

Infuriated, Hendel called 911 and filed a police report and launched a full-on investigation into the alleged act of vandalism, turning over surveillance video to detectives from the 77th Precinct in hopes of identifying and punishing the perpetrators.

This morning, at about 5:00am, NYPD detectives entered a dormitory room in the upper floors of 749 Eastern Parkway and arrested a Bochur who was sleeping there.

Sources told that this particular Bochur’s face appeared in surveillance footage not long after the incident, though it is unclear whether he participated or was in any way involved in the vandalism. The sources said that police are threatening him with criminal charges if he doesn’t reveal to them who was responsible for the turnstile’s destruction.

Incensed by the arrest of their colleague, the ‘Tzfatim’ posted signs all over 770 declaring that MenachemMendel Hendel, and two of his cohorts – GIlad Bazel of the ice cream truck fame and Menachem Amram – are Mossrim. The names of the alleged offenders were accompanied by their photos and phone numbers.

Later on in the day, when Hendel came into 770 to daven Mincha, some of the Bochurim dumped a revolting concoction of eggs and ketchup onto him while shouting ‘Mosser get out!’

As of the time of the publication of this article the Bochur is still sitting in lockup.


על דאטפת אטפוך וסוף מטפיך יטפוןWhat goes around comes around.

You train the dog to be vicious, bit and attack, the dog will turn on you when you don’t feed it.

Feeding on baseless hate: Until recently (2-3 years) Hendel and Co. were feeding these lads hate, this food was either Rabbi Kirnsky and Rabbi Shemtov (Aguch/Merkaz) and/or Shomrim/Hershkops.With out the common “enemy” (The “anti”) the blood thirsty Meshichistim Mosrim turn on each other.

20 years of hate now coming home to roost.

I just love it when Mosrim cry about Mesirah, just makes my day.

Just remember folks, an enemy of an enemy is NOT your friend.

I wish both sides in this conflict much success.

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3 Responses to “As The World Turns: When Mosrim Cry About Mesirah”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Who would have imagined that the day would come where Menachem Mendel Hendel would be afraid to walk into the basement of 770 Eastern Parkway because of fear of Meshichistim?

    Just amazing!!!

  2. Meshichistmusings Says:

    Why is the Crown Heights Beis Din and Mendy Hendel going after the Bochurim who vandalized the Mikvah? Here is my theory:

    Since the early 2000′s (I would pinpoint it at 2002), there has been EVERY YEAR a small group of Bochurim who have attempted to call the shots in 770 and in the 749 dormitory. The reason: They felt that they were not being heard since there was no leadership after the passing of Rabbi Marlow Z”L.

    The lack of unified leadership led to a split among Israeli Bochurim and Anash. One of the early signs of this was when the Yechi danceo on Friday night was stopped since “It is no respectful to the Rebbe to face him with your back”. It continued with the Shvil and a bunch of other petty things.

    With a split Beis Din and later a divided Va’ad Hakohol and Gabboim, the lawlessness reigned and every person was taking matters in their hands.

    Those were a painful ten + years. In 2010, Rabbi Mendel Gluckowsky came along and managed to convince both sides to sit down and make peace. This lead to ONE va’ad Hakohol, one set of Gabboim and then elections for a third Rov.

    Now, it is true that the Beis Din is not unified however practically speaking there is a majority on one side, making it possible to bring matters to a majority Beis Din.

    Rabbi Yosef Braun who himself is strong ideological Meshichst but on the other hand very pragmatic, should be credited with the shift towards normalization in the right wing/Meshichist movement. Since the beginning of his tenure he has repeatedly cracked down on violence engineered by this small group of Bochurim. He has released numerous letters decrying their actions, has called them to meetings and repeatedly warned them of the consequence they will face.

    The jeers that are being hurled at Hendel now by some in the so called “Left” saying that he trained the dogs to bite and now it coming back to him is nonsense and simply false. Any one who knows Hendel, can attest to the fact that he cannot stand the “tzfatim” and a number of years ago attempted to replace them with Bochurim from the Toras Emes Yeshiva.

    For the sake of all, I wish R. Braun success in dealing with this. Most of the Tzfati’s are great guys but these Bochurim must understand that current lawlessness cannot continue.

    • antimesira Says:

      You must be a young naive Bocher living in a alternate universe.

      I never read such nonsense, not even on

      For example:

      “The lack of unified leadership led to a split among Israeli Bochurim and Anash.”

      How stupid and dumb is this statement?

      Because before this so called “split’ everyone was holding hands and singing kumbaya.

      BUT actually, what your saying is exactly what CHLEAKS has been saying all along.

      Lets fill in the blanks of your statement:

      The lack of A UNIFIED MESHICHIST LEADERSHIP led to a split among MESHICHIST ISREALI BOCHURIM and local CH Meshichistim.

      Like CHLEAKS above wrote:
      As long as they [meshichistim] were unified with the same hateful propaganda it was all good. The moment there was no outside “enemy” they fight each other.

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