Call of The Bank Account


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This story keeps getting better and better at each passing day.

It has come to CHLEAKS.COM attention that a few Crown Heightsers have invested big money in ‘COTS’.

Story updated: 1/5/14

This would explain several things:

1) How and why COTS was able to be so effective in Crown Heights (the heart of Chabad Lubavitch).

2) Why there are so many people coming in defense (by way of writing comments). They are either from those who have invested or family members.

This would also explains why [some] those making arguments in defense, can not bring us any specifics on how the program has helped people. They are all talking from emotions (upset to see their investment getting hit) and not experience. They are trying to protect a business by all cost.

This is not about people, this is about money. All those that wasted $700 on this product, are fools.

My Intel informs me that the investors wanted to make big and quick money and as a result they tried to recruit as many people as possible.

This explains why most of us never heard of the COTS until two weeks ago.

So remember, money is always the bottom line. You follow the money, you will find the truth.

UPDATE: 1/5/14

Threats of Mesirah were made by board member Nochum Sternberg (father of Shlomo Sternberg) towards Oholei Torah.

If you have seen Executive Director Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld and his son Director Rabbi Sholom Rosenfeld lately, you see that they are wiped out, they look sickly.

Since the COTS story broke (three weeks ago), the Meshichist cabal of Mossrim (Trouble-Rouses)* have been working around the clock in a campaign of intimidation, harassment and threats towards the directors of  Oholei Torah.

* These are people without jobs and family life and thus have all the time in the world for Machlokes (controversy).


It’s very troubling that most of those who participated are those who would identify themselves as Chabad Chassidim.


If you have an extra $700 to spend, what better way to spend it then to give to Charity.


One Response to “Call of The Bank Account”

  1. Chaim H. Says:

    “If you have an extra $700 to spend, what better way to spend it then to give to Charity.”

    It’s funny you write this. This money wasting bothered my wife and I a lot, We decided to take action by spending $700 on Charity. Fighting darkness (selfishness) with light (giving).

    $250 Hatzaolah
    $250 Shomrim
    and soon our sons Yeshiva will be having their annual Chinese auction, we will spend at least $300 there.

    The above does not include our daily and other random Tzedakah.

    These acts of Charity are very therapeutic and good for our well being. If you feel lost, try giving to others, there is no limit.

    Go help shovel someone else snow for example.

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