Meshichistim and ‘Call Of The Shofer’


Meshichistim-Shraga Crombie-chabadinfo-mendel hendel-call of the shoferFACT: Chabadinfo (leading Meshchist blog) editor and chief Shraga Crombie participated in ‘Call of the Shofer’ (COTS) and write a justifying article downplaying COTS as no big deal.

Read it here: Hebrew- 12-30-13 Chabad Info- ‘call of the Shofer’- Whats the Noise and Whats the commotion.

Note: It also comes at no surprise that chabadinfo did not translate this article (in full) into English.

Is it a surprise? Absolutely not.

Bias? Absolutely Yes!

Crombie attempts to make the reader believe that this COTS thing is no big deal. At one point he mentions (as if to justify) that as he arrived he saw that most of the people there were Lubavitchers.

But what he’s really writing this whole piece for, is for the end  (סוף מעשה במחשבה תחילה).  Crombie attempts to convince the readers that those who are against COTS, are only doing so because they have personal vendettas. Crombie/the Meshichistim are purposely attempting to make this issue a political issue, in-order to get you disinterested in this matter altogether.

We are on to you.

To tell the truth, this time we welcome the “it’s a political issue” card. Because this time it fires back. Please keep claiming that those who are against ‘call of the shofer’ are only against because of who went*. This claim, as I have pointed out in my previous post about this, proves that most of those that went to the COTS are indeed Meshichistim.

* This is a foolish argument to make, because how on earth do those who were/are against the COTS know exactly everyone that attended?. Nonetheless keep making this argument.

Exit: Shraga Crombie went to COTS because he has problems (מחלת נפשית) and thought that COTS could help him. No surprise here.


One Response to “Meshichistim and ‘Call Of The Shofer’”

  1. Mendel Hendel Says:

    The entire staff of Ohr Menachem went to COTS.

    Why don’t we care about that?
    Because they are Meshichistim and we have nothing to do with them. It’s only a problem when the cult reaches our institutions.

    it’s about time that Chabad institutions drop all meshichistim from teaching etc… let them go to the meshichist schools.

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