A Look Under The Bus

Nachman Schapiro Throws Shlomo Sternberg under the bus

Nachman Schapiro Throws Shlomo Sternberg under the bus

Did you notice that in this whole Oholei Torah; Call of the Shofer’ saga the name Nachman Schapiro has not been mentioned once. Why is that?

Why didn’t Oholei Torah fire Nachman Schapiro with his fellow Shofer blowers Shlomo Sternberg and Zalman Goldstein?

Answer: Nachman Schapiro threw Sternberg under the bus. Nachman Schapiro testified to the OT board that it was Sternberg that convinced him to participate in COTS. Schapiro also claimed that after that once time that he did attend COTS, he warned Sternberg not to go, but Sternberg refused to listen.

It get’s even better.  Nachman Schapiro takes cover using Yeshiva students.

That “student” protest we saw a few days ago, the one that goes directly against the clear directives of the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l to Yeshiva Bochrim when faced with issues from the Yeshiva Administration (Hanholoh). They should keep the Sedorim, they should say Tehilim and pray that the Hanholoh see reason, but under no circumstances should they take action against the hanholoh. Was instigated by non other then “Mashpia” Nachman Schapiro himself.

As I wrote previously, COTS was only a symptom of Meshichistkit and nothing more.  If anybody needs to get fired (and many do), the very first one to go is the Meshichist hate monger Nachman Schapiro.


A Message to Oholei Torah administration:

Your weak, pathetic and should be ashamed of yourselves.

A Message to the Bochrim:

Your all idiots. You were used as tools and you should all be ashamed.

You went against the Rebbe’s zt”l directives (with your protest and comment writing) for a Meshichist named Nachman Schapiro and you convinced yourselves that you were doing this for “justice”?

If your fight was so holy and justified, then tell me, why in your letter to Rabbi Rosenfeld are your names blared out, shouldn’t we all know who the heroes of the day are, shouldn’t we know who to call to fight the good fight of justice?

In a few years you guys will become yungerlite in the community. Let’s see how fast your guys as individuals and as a group organize to help Yiddin in need.

Next time there’s Meshichist violence in 770, who are we gonna call? Why we will call the  Oholei Torah 51 (OT51), they will surly come to the rescue.

Next time there’s Mesira, who are we gonna call? Why we will call the  Oholei Torah 51 (OT51), they will surly come to the rescue.

Why every issue that concerns a matter of justice, the OT51 will come to the rescue.

Regarding your comments online:

I was very disappointed in the arguments you were making in defense of what you were doing. One would expect that Yeshiva students, who study from 7am to 9pm (and over), would have more Chochma, Bina and Da’as (wisdom, understanding and knowledge).*

Yes there was plenty of Chochma, Chochmat Chelm that is. Twisted and immature arguments, logic, excuses and silly justifications. You shame all the great Rabbis of the Talmud, if this is what you pick up from studying their holy work.

* In exploring new information and novel ideas, three stages ensure that the student has learned successfully and gained from the new found wisdom:

a)      Accepting that there are axiomatic truths that form the basis and foundation of the ideas we explore and study – this is known as Chochma

b)      Taking these kernels of truth and translating them into well explained and developed ideas with detail and breadth. This is achieved by in depth analysis, asking questions and testing the ideas on all levels. This stage is called Bina.  

c)      In Jewish learning, academia on its own is insufficient. The concepts we study need to be applied. They need to transition from the theoretical   to the emotional and practical. The ideas we understand must affect our passion and guide our behavior. Even well understood concepts still need to be fully absorbed and internalized. We achieve this by reviewing, reflecting and contemplating on the ideas we have learned until they become part of who we are on all levels. This process is called Da’at.


Oholei Torah-money laundering-menachem mendel hendel-corruption-fraud
Firing and rehiring, whats going on here?

Everything, every bottom line is about three things, money, money and money. Follow the money and you will understand whose who, whats what and why things happen the way they do.

Why, despite the Meshichistim becoming weaker in numbers and influence are many institutions still pandering to them (*them, meaning Mendel Hendel and Co.)?

The answer in a few words: Money Laundering. Their all in business together.

A few phone calls here and there, from this one to that one and fired gets rehired.


Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, the Executive Director of Oholei Torah writes in his letter reinstating Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg and Rabbi Zalman Goldstein the following:

“Dr. of psychology with an expertise in mind control and exploitative groups (cults)” assessed the faculty members, along with a “local community physician,” conducted a comprehensive investigation into the matter and found them to be free of any “undue influence from alleged ‘brain washing.’”

Let me guess, after “conducted a comprehensive investigation”, the “Dr. of psychology” and “local community physician,” found that the subjects did in fact have no brains and therefore were cleared of any  “undue influence from alleged ‘brain washing.’” No brains, No brain washing.


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